Monday June 24, 2024

Govt announces schedule for Hajj 2024 flights

Over 2,000 Pakistani pilgrims to fly for Saudi Arabia via 11 special flights on May 9

By Tariq Abul Hasan
May 03, 2024
A view of Kaaba as Muslim pilgrims offer prayers. — AFP/File
A view of Kaaba as Muslim pilgrims offer prayers. — AFP/File

KARACHI: The Ministry of Religious Affairs on Friday announced the commencement of month-long special flight operations for Hajj pilgrims in Pakistan from May 9 to June 9.

All flights scheduled for the first 15 days would land at the Madina airport, while most flights will land at the Jeddah airport from May 24 to June 9, the ministry’s spokesperson said.

The country would operate 11 special flights to transport 2,160 Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia on the first day of the scheduled operation, including 330 passengers from Karachi via 2 flights, 680 from Islamabad via 3 flights, 670 from Lahore via 3 flights, 329 from Multan via 2 flights, 151 from Sialkot via a single flight

Subsequently, the first Hajj flight from Balochistan will take off from Quetta on May 11, and from Sukkur on May 27.

Pakistan will operate a total of 259 Hajj special flights for over 68,000 pilgrims registered with the government scheme, the ministry said, adding that the special operation will conclude on June 9.

Later, the country would resume its flight operation on June 20 to bring pilgrims home post-conclusion of the sacred pilgrimage, it concluded.

After balloting for the government’s Hajj scheme in December last year, 63,805 out of 69,438 nationals remained successful, Radio Pakistan reported.

Over 81,000 pilgrims from Pakistan performed the sacred pilgrimage under the government scheme last year.

Last year, Saudi Arabia restored Pakistan's Hajj quota of 179,210 pilgrims besides ending restrictions of the upper age limit of 65 years.