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How Princess Diana juggled royal duties with Prince William, Prince Harry

Princess Diana would try to find time in her busy schedule for Prince William, Prince Harry

By Web Desk
February 19, 2021

Princess Diana would find that serving royal duty would be difficult as it meant leaving her kids Prince Harry and Prince William behind.

"Diana was uncomfortable in the role of absentee parent but had to travel a great deal," journalist Katrine Ames wrote for Newsweek.

Despite her obligations, the Princess still made time for the boys from her busy schedule.

"Inevitably, she left her children with nannies—just as she herself and so many other well-to-do British children have been left—but she tried to arrange her schedule to match the boys'."

"In her official calendar, the princess had all the everyday details of her son's utterly uneveryday lives marked in green ink."

In a 1985 interview with Alastair Burnet, Diana expressed her dedication to being the best mother she could be to her two boys.

"Most importantly, [my role is] being a mother and a wife. That's what I try to achieve; whether I do is another thing, but I do try," she said.

Later on she added: "I live for my sons. I would be lost without them."