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Prince William and Prince Harry expected to mend ties during reunion

Prince Harry and William will definitely have a face-to-face reunion this year at Prince Philip's birthday

By Web Desk
January 04, 2021

Prince William and Prince Harry have been at odds since quite some time now.

And while their past year was mostly spent with coldness in the air, this one might bring with it a chance for them to mend their previously-strained ties.

According to the latest reports, the two brothers will definitely have a face-to-face reunion this year as Prince Philip is all set to mark his big 100th birthday this year in an elaborate fashion.

Royal correspondent Rebecca English penned a piece for the Daily Mail where she claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday will test William and Harry’s ties.

"Will the family be reconciled? The litmus test will be the Duke of Edinburgh's 100th birthday in June, which is followed by the planned unveiling at Kensington Palace of the long-awaited memorial statue to William and Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, Covid permitting,” she wrote.

A royal insider also explained that, "If the two brothers can make that work, then we have hope.”