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Liam Payne defends Harry Styles after his Vogue dress sparked a frenzy

Liam Payne was quite proud of his pal Harry Styles for being true to himself
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December 29, 2020

British singer Harry Styles stirred quite some chaos after gracing the Vogue cover wearing a dress.

And while his androgynous style was lauded by many, it also managed to ruffle quite a few feathers, including that of author Candace Owes.

However, his former bandmate from One Direction, Liam Payne was quite proud of his pal for being true to himself.

During a chat on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Payne said he thought Styles’s looks for the fashion magazine were 'great'.

“Oh, I thought it was great. I think he’s enjoying himself, and he’s free to do as he wishes. There’s been a lot more stuff going on this year than whether or not he’s wearing the ‘right’ clothes in someone else’s mind,” he said.

He further appreciated how Styles remained himself despite the many changes that went through in his life.

“He’s never really lost himself, even in spite of everything. After the band [went on hiatus], we didn’t speak for a long time actually, and then I remember seeing him, it was actually at a Jingle Bell Ball, backstage for the first time in a long time,” he said.

“He’s still the same guy he always was when we left each other in that dressing room as the band kind of stopped for a little bit,” he added.