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What did Eminem say about Machine Gun Kelly in his 'subliminal' diss?

What did Eminem say about Machine Gun Kelly in his 'subliminal' diss?

By Web Desk
December 24, 2020

Eminem's new album and  a hidden attack on Machine Gun Kelly  has started a war of words between fans of the two American rappers.

Eminem is making headlines after he dropped his surprise album "Music To Be Murdered By: Side B".

His nemesis Machine Gun Kelly and observers were quick to note that the Detroit rapper took a shot at MGK in his third single Gnat.

"They come at me with machine guns (Brr). Like trying to fight off a gnat," Em's raps in the promotional single on his album in which the veteran rapper covers such topics as the COVID-19 pandemic, his former addiction to valium, and Donald Trump’s administration.

Without naming Em, MGK sent out two tweets, with obvious references to Marshal Mathers album.

I'm under your skin," he wrote on Twitter. In another tweet he sarcastically wrote, "those subliminal" while adding a dustbin emoji.

His tweets elicited a strong response from Eminem fans, with one saying "Just a reminder you subliminally dissed him earlier this year in the chorus of Bullets With Names. An eye for an eye, mate."

The user was referring to the lyrics given below:

Taking aim at Eminem, a user wrote, "Em mentions everyone he's ever had beef with, it's fun for him to be petty. He mentioned Ja and that s*** is 20 years old Skull you'll be a target for the rest of his career, that's just how it goes.

Slim Shady's 'subliminal diss' and MGK's tweet sent out in response seemed to pit their fans against each other on social media.