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World should 'take notice of rogue Indian regime', PM Imran says after info warfare exposé

PM Imran's remarks come hours after India's 15-year information warfare to malign Pakistan was uncovered

By Web Desk
December 10, 2020
PM Imran Khan warned the world of the "rogue Indian regime", which he said was now threatening "the stability of the global system". File Photo

In brief

  • Pakistan consistently drew world's attention to 'India's subversive activities', says PM
  • Pakistan govt recently submitted dossier India's state terrorism to UN
  • International community 'to take notice of a rogue Indian regime', says PM
  • Statement comes hours after India's 15-year-long, anti-Pakistan information warfare was uncovered

ISLAMABAD: The international community should "take notice of a rogue Indian regime", Prime Minister Imran Khan said Thursday evening, hours after a major information warfare exposé was released by the EU DisinfoLab.

PM Imran warned the world of the "rogue Indian regime", which he said was now threatening "the stability of the global system". His remarks came hours after India's 15-year-long information warfare operation to malign Pakistan around the world was uncovered by the independent Europe-focused NGO.

Taking to Twitter, the premier said: "Pakistan has consistently drawn attention of int community to India's subversive activities to undermine democracies in the region; & export/ fund extremism through structures of fake news orgs & 'think tanks'.

"Recently GoP provided dossier to UN of India's state terrorism in Pakistan," the prime minister added, indicating the proofs that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had said New Delhi was unable to respond to.

PM Imran also underlined the revelations made by EU DisinfoLab "on the widespread Indian network of subversive activities vindicates Pakistan's position & exposes its detractors".

"The international community needs to take notice of a rogue Indian regime that now threatens the stability of the global system," PM Imran wrote.

Earlier today, the EU DisinfoLab had revealed over 750 Indian-backed websites covering more than 119 countries that were operational for a decade-and-a-half with the sole purpose of undermining Pakistan within the European Union and United Nations.

The NGO termed operation was termed the Indian Chronicles, wherein it disclosed that the Srivastava Group backed the operation, while a leading Indian news agency — Asian News International (commonly known as ANI) — was used to boost it.

It revealed further that the campaign had started in 2005 and is still functional.