Sunday September 26, 2021

Prince Charles takes a cheeky swipe at Prince William’s FA presidency role

Prince Charles made a deprecating comment aimed at Prince William
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December 07, 2020

Prince Charles made a snide remark at his son Prince William and his Football Association (FA) Presidency role, which has come afloat once again.

The unearthed footage of the Prince of Wales has been making rounds on social media where he made a deprecating comment aimed at his eldest son.

The Duke of Cornwall, during an interview with Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly and his two sons, took a swipe at the Duke of Cambridge.

When asked about William’s presidency, Charles said: "Yeah, it's a great job - loads of free tickets. They must be very desperate to have him."

The comment unleashed wild laughter as the interviewers and Prince Harry were quite amused with the father-son banter.

Responding to that, William said: "Well, exactly. But no, it's a real privilege to be the President of the FA.”