Tuesday September 21, 2021

'The Crown' blasted for inaccurate portrayal of Prince Philip cheating on Queen Elizabeth

'The Crown' shows Prince Philip taking females onto a boat, partying without Queen Elizabeth knowing
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November 19, 2020

Streaming giant Netflix is currently under fire for its untrue depiction of Prince Phlip's character in famed series The Crown. 

So much so, that royal experts and biographers are miffed at the way one of the most senior royals residing in the royal household has been maligned viciously. 

Experts claim that there are a number of lies told in the show, particulary about Philip cheating on Queen Elizabeth, the ruling monarch of Britain. 

Commenting about the same, royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell said, "..portraying Prince Philip’s philandering aboard royal yacht Britannia. Taking females onto it. Having it off with naked girls. Impossible aboard that ship. 

"It’s impenetrable. Security. Watchers. Guys. Photographers. Press. Local officials. Philip always watched. Protected. Accompanied. Naval officers. This oceanic bit, beautifully portrayed, is simply unrealistic. People don’t understand how it works with royals," she added.

Rubbishing the show's claims, she shared, “They indicate the official photographer read his private letters. That man, now gone, was my great friend. I know that not to be true. And Britain’s late reporter Nigel Dempster, furious that he never received a knighthood, also furthered false stories. The palace is surrounded by unscrupulous people.”

Moreover, Prince Philip was shown to be a part of the Profumo sex scandal in season two of the show. 

The Profumo affair, that stirred a controversy in the Britain in the 1960s had nothing to do with Philip, something that the Buckingham Palace has categoricall denied till date.