Friday January 28, 2022

Prince Harry’s royal snub suggests ‘rift may be worse’ than previously thought

Experts fear Prince Harry’s snub might signal a greater rift than previously thought possible

By Web Desk
November 10, 2020

The royal snub Prince Harry received during Remembrance Day services might hint towards an even greater snub than was previously thought possible.

Battle of Brothers authors Robert Lacey, touched upon this impending bump in the road during his interview with Newsweek. and even explained how the prince’s decision to reach out to the Firm suggested he was “keener on reconciliation” and wanted to re-establish his link with the fold.

The author was quoted telling the leading daily, "I think this is an indication that things are worse than we thought.”

During the course of his interview, Mr Lacey also touched upon the symbolic meaning of the wreath and added how, “If everything was hunky-dory there seems no reason why a wreath should not have been laid in Harry's name.”

He concluded by adding, "If the Royal Family or the palace wanted to cooperate then it would seem to be a perfectly reasonable request to make that could have been fulfilled. I don't think it augurs well for the prospects of a reconciliation.”