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Body language expert reveals Prince Harry seemed 'tense, uncomfortable' in Time's 100 appearance

Prince Harry's body language suggested he looked 'uncomfortable' and 'tense'

By Web Desk
September 27, 2020

Body language expert breaks down Prince Harry's demeanour while filming for Time's 100 interview 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Time's 100 interview has cooked up quite a storm ever since it got released.

The former royals have been on the receiving end of immense ire after they appealed to the US citizens to go out and vote in the upcoming election during the course of the said video. 

Now, a body language expert has come forth analysing Prince Harry's demeanour while filming for the electoral PSA.

According to Judi James, there was something off about the Duke's body language and he seemed 'tense' and 'regretful.'

James said that Harry appeared "uncomfortable" and looked like he was "aware of the fall out" that the interview might have back home, specially within Buckingham Palace.

"This might look like a deeply likeable couple urging people to vote but Harry would have been well aware of the potential fall-out in the UK and in his own family. 

"His distraction rituals seem to reflect that and hint at some levels of discomfort. His mouth pulls into a partial Oxbow mouth shape in a micro-gesture that could signal some slight regret," James mentioned while talking to Daily Mail.

She also went on to point how Meghan took up more space on the bench, as compared to Harry, which she thought might have been deliberate on his part.

"Meghan has space on the bench to move and stretch her legs diagonally but Harry ends up leaning over the arm of the bench to enable any splaying," the expert said.

"Harry adopts a more apologetic tone when he says he can’t vote in the US, but he is quick to show he has lost out on nothing by moving to the US as he tells his audience he couldn’t vote in the UK anyway.

"The emphasis on the word ‘this’ also leaves the hint that he might be voting in the next US election hanging in the air," James added.