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Hareem Shah discloses who allowed her inside Foreign Office

Hareem Shah claims govt official allowed her inside Foreign Office

By Web Desk
October 27, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Tik Tok star Hareem Shah on Sunday disclosed who  allowed her inside the Foreign Office, days after she  came under criticism for her video   shot inside the government building.

According to the Tik Toker, it was a "high ranking government official" who allowed her inside the Foreign Office where she shot a video and took multiple pictures.

The woman took to Twitter to share a video in which she requested the people to refrain from making speculations or assumes things on their own.

The Tik Tok stary apologized for sitting in the prime minister's seat inside the Foreign Office.

“I was passing by the Foreign Office when I got to know that the foreign minister is there. I’m a huge fan of his and he is like a father to me,” she said. “I wanted to meet him but unfortunately he wasn’t there hence I took some pictures and made a video in the waiting area which went viral,” she added.

“Please stop saying things that may prove difficult for my mother or sister if they have to go out tomorrow for any work,” she said.