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Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani survives no-trust motion

The no-trust motion against Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani was rejected as the required no of votes were not polled.

By Web Desk
August 01, 2019

ISLAMABAD: The no-trust motion against Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani was rejected as the required number of votes were not polled in its favour.

The resolution received only 50 votes despite the fact that 64 senators had supported  it to be tabled in the house.  At least 53 votes were needed  for the motion to be approved.

Earlier, the session began with Senator Muhammad Ali Khan Saif in the chair as presiding officer. 

As the session began, the chair asked Leader of the Opposition Raja Zafar-ul-Haq to table the motion and later asked members, who are in the favour  of the resolution, to rise in the chair.

Saif explained  the process of voting. Hafiz Abdul Kareem was the first one to cast his ballot in secret balloting.

Earlier in the day, Leader of the House Senator Shibli Faraz, chaired a meeting of the Senators belonging to the government and allied parties at the Khyber Paktunkhwa House in Islamabad before the voting on no-confidence motion submitted by 44 opposition lawmakers last month.

The opposition parties had nominated Hasil Bizenjo as their candidate for the post of Chairman Senate.

Sadiq Sanjrani had insisted that he had the support of majority members and Prime Minister Imran Khan has also announced full support to the Senate chairman to save him from the no-confidence vote.

On the other hand, the opposition had advised Sadiq Sanjrani to resign before the no-confidence vote.

Party Position

Opposition (67 members)

PML-N: 30

PPP: 21

NP: 5

PkMAP: 4

JUI-F: 4

JIP: 2 (The party will abstain from voting)

ANP: 1

Ruling alliance (36 members)

PTI: 14

BAP: 8

Ex-FATA: 7

MQM-P: 5

PML-5: 1

BNP-M: 1