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Pakistani Mango and Biryani festival held in Turkey

Pakistani Mango and Biryani festival held in Turkey

By Web Desk
July 27, 2019

ANKARA: As part of its public diplomacy activities and to further popularize Pakistani mangoes in Turkey, the Embassy of Pakistan organized “Pakistan Mango & Biryani Festival” in Ankara on Friday afternoon, according to a statement on Saturday.

 A large number of guests attended the event and had a first-hand experience of the taste, juiciness and aroma of the famous Pakistani mangoes as well as Biryani made of famous Pakistani Basmiti rice.

 Key political figures, fruit importers, diplomats and media representatives attended the event. 

The “Pakistan Mango & Biryani Festival” included fresh mango and mango cuts as well as wide-range of mango delicacies such as mango milk-shake, mango lassi, mango ice cream, mango salad, mango soufflé, mango mousse, mango pudding, and mango cake. 

‘Biryani’ made of famous Pakistani Basmati rice was also served at the festival while selected Pakistani music added further to the festive environment. 

A photographic display of Pakistan’s natural beauty also formed part of the event. 

Welcoming the guests, Pakistan Ambassador to Turkey M. Syrus Sajjad Qazi stated that Pakistan was the 5th largest producer and the 6th largest exporter of mangoes. 

“We Pakistanis call Mango the ‘King of Fruits’ and it is among the sweetest fruits on the face of the earth,” the Ambassador said. 

“Chaunsa is the most popular variety – and we are serving the White Chaunsa today,” the Ambassador said in his remarks. 

He hoped that with such events, Pakistani mangoes would be soon available to mango lovers in Turkey. 

Referring to the brotherly Pakistan-Turkey relations, Ambassador Qazi said that Pakistani mangos are as sweet and as special as the unique Pakistan-Turkey relations.

 There could be no better way to celebrate this friendship than with the King of Fruits, the Pakistani Mango. 

Among those attending, five guests won a box of mangoes at a lucky draw.