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India fails to provide evidence of claims as IAF violates Pakistan airspace

Indian Foreign Secretary was embarrassed at the press briefing when he failed to provide evidence of IAF claims and refused to take questions from the journalists on claims that they targeted Jaish-e-Mohammad camp inside Pakistan.

By Web Desk
February 26, 2019

The Indian Air Force (IAF) violated Pakistan's airspace on Tuesday and the Pakistan Army has updated the media about every detail since the intrusion took place.

From pictures of the trees burnt in the airstrike to Pakistan's Air Force response everything was made public by military spokesman on his Twitter account.

On the other side, Indian government and the military have focused more on receiving congratulatory messages, with local media spreading lies with false claims of IAF achievement.

While Pakistan army kept the nation updated on the developments, Indian defence ministry was completely unaware of intrusion which IAF undertook.

The screenshot from widely circulated Indian daily "The Hindu"-Photo Twitter

Hours later, Indian Defence Secretary Vijay Gokhale addressed the much anticipated press conference where he was supposed to inform his people about the exact details of the offensive. But he ended up causing further confusion.

The secretary simply read out a statement and refused to take questions.

 Vijay Gokhale said it was an intelligence based operation without providing any evidence:

When journalists asked him for details, the Foreign Secretary chose to leave the press conference.

Hamid Mir, a senior Pakistani journalist, said Major General Asif Ghafoor, the Director General of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), broke the news about failed airstrike early morning which means "they were not sleeping.

"If it was a successful strike and why Indian side remain silent for many hours," he said.

Many people filmed the response of PAF (Pakistan Air Force) early morning. It is available on social media," he said.