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Theft of Nalain Mubarak from Badshahi Mosque: SC orders media to run ads

A representative for the Punjab Police told the court that the incident of theft took place in 2002 while Nailain Mubarak were being brought back from Brunei.

By Web Desk
January 16, 2019

ISLAMABAD:  The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday ordered media to run ads  regarding theft of  ‘Nalain Mubarak’ (“The Sandal” of the Prophet Muhammad ) from the gallery of Badshahi Mosque, according to Geo News.

The hearing was conducted on an application moved by Pir SA Jafri. 

A representative for the Punjab Police told the court that the  incident of theft took place in 2002 while Nalain Mubarak were being brought back from Brunei.

 Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar remarked that the applicant was  walking  bare-foot ever since the incident took place.

The police representative said the police had the measurement of  Nalain Mubarak to identify them.

A video clip of the Nalain Mubarak was also run in the courtroom.

 The CJ then asked whether any advertisement campaign  was run on TV and newspapers so that anybody could have provided the information regarding the stolen objects. 

The police said a reward of Rs1.5 million was announced for anyone providing the information.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan who was part of the apex court bench said  Nalain Mubarak had a great importance and such sacred items are often kept in museums.

The police said Turkey's Topkapi Palace Museum and a museum in England were also checked for the Nailain Mubarak.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice remarked that it was the religious duty of the electronic and print media to run ads to help find the Nalain Mubarak.

The Supreme Court ordered the police to submit a report on sacred objects   every three months and directed Punjab government to ensure their protection.

He observed that such things should be kept in glass boxes and any assistance in this regard would be provided by the court.

Theft of donation box

During the hearing the applicant told the court that one such matter was about the theft of donation boxes as Rs82 million were stolen last month.

The CJ remarked that the entire money goes to Auqaf Department who devour all the money. 

He said people donates the money out of devotion and they should be spent on shrines.

The Supreme Court ordered the Punjab government to carry out an audit to ascertain the spending of the money which is collected through donations and inform the court.