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Election Results 2018: LIVE

The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced results of 251 National Assembly constituencies out of total 270. According to the latest party position, PTI has won 115 seats, PML-N 62, PPPP 43, Independents 12, MMAP 12, MQM-P 06, PML-Q 05,GDA 02, while AML, ANP, BAP, and BNP-M have one seat each.

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July 27, 2018

The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced results of 251 National Assembly constituencies out of total 270.

The results from 19 NA seats are still awaited, the electoral body said on Friday.

Details available on the ECP's website show the body has received 52.22 percent results from National Assembly seats, 44.64 percent from Balochistan Assembly, 45.52 percent from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, 55 percent from Punjab and 48.68 percent from Sindh Assembly.

According to the latest party position, PTI has won 115 seats, PML-N 62, PPPP 43, Independents 12, MMAP 12, MQM-P 06, PML-Q 05,GDA 02, while AML, ANP, BAP, and BNP-M have one seat each.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s tsunami practically swept KP both in the national and provincial assembly constituencies and secured two-third majority to form government in the province.

NA-238 Karachi: PPP’s Agha Rafiqullah wins with 29598 votes. Pakistan Rah-e-Haq Party’s Hafiz Aurangzeb is runner up with 19463 votes

NA-237 Karachi: PTI’s Jamil Ahmed wins with 33289 votes defeating PPP’s Abdul Hakim Baloch who secured 31907 votes

NA-236 Karachi Malir 1: Jam Abdul Karim of PPP wins Karachi Malir 1 with 66623 votes. PTI candidate Masroor Ali follows with 26456 votes

NA-200 Larkana: PPP Chairman wins with 84426 votes. Runner up is Rashid Mehmood Soomro of MMA with 50200 votes

NA-15: PML-N's Murtaza Javed Abbasi wins with 95,346 votes. PTI's Ali Asghar follows with 81,845 votes.

NA-254: PTI’s Muhammad Aslam wins in Azizabad with 72,070 votes. MQM-P Sheikh Salahuddin is runner-up with 48,813 votes.

Bilawal Bhutto  loses in Lyari

NA-246: PTI's Shakoor Shad beats PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in NA-246, Lyari.  Abdul Shakoor Shad got 52,750 votes, beating TLP's Ahmed who secured 42,345 votes. Bilawal Bhutto finished third with 39,325 votes.

NA-102: PTI’s Nawab Sher Waseer wins in NA-102, Faisalabad 2 with 109,708 votes. PML-N’s Tallal Chaudhry runner up with 97,869 votes.

NA-247: PTI's Arif Alvi wins in NA-247 Karachi with 31,202 votes. MQM-Pakistan's Farooq Sattar runner-up with 8,452 votes.

NA-132: PML-N's Shehbaz Sharif wins in NA-132 Lahore 10 with 95,834 votes. PTI's Muhammad Mansha Sindhu runner-up with 49,093 votes.

NA-221: PPPP’s Pir Noor Muhammad Shah win with 75,360 votes. PTI’s Shah Mehmood Qureshi runner-up with 57,125 votes.

NA-227: MQM’s Salahuddin wins with 52,053 votes. PTI’s Muhammad Hakam follows with 41,513 votes.

NA-231: PPPP’s Ayaz Ali Sherazi wins with 129,980 votes. MMA’s Molvi Muhammad Saleh Alahdad runner-up with 11,177 votes.

NA-235: PPPP’s Rafiq Ahmed Jamali wins with 81,200 votes. PTI’s Karim Ali Jatioi follows with 63,008 votes.

NA-250: PTI’s Ataullah wins with 30,052 votes. MQM’s Fayyaz Kaimkhani follows with 24,066 votes.

NA-252: PTI’s Aftab Jehangir wins with 21,065 votes. MQM’s Abdul Qadir Khanzada runner-up with 17,858 votes.

NA-264: MMA's Molvi Asmatullah wins with 14,887 votes. BNP’s Malik Abdul Wali Kakar runner-up with 10,071 votes.

NA-266: BNP’s Agha Hassan Baloch wins with 20,034 votes. MMA's Hafiz Hussain Ahmed follows with 11,057 votes.

NA-268: BNP’s Muhammad Hashim wins with 14,435 votes. MMA's Muhammad Usman Badini follows with 12,272 votes.

NA-199: GDA's Ghous Bux Mahar wins with 62,785 votes. PPP’s Zulfiqar Ali Kemario runner-up with 55,987 votes.

NA-201: PPP's Khursheed Ahmed Junejo wins with 97,051 votes. GDA's Allah Bux Unar runner-up with 69,111 votes.

NA-210: PPPP’s Syed Javed Jilani wins with 90,718 votes. GDA’s Syed Kazim Ali Shah runner-up with 78,525 votes.

NA-217: PPPP’s Roshanuddin Junejo wins with 102,361 votes. GDA's Mehar Ali Khan runner-up with 43,757 votes.

NA-219: PPPP’s Mir Munwar Ali Talpur wins with 105,823 votes. GDA's Arbab Ghulam Rahim follows with 51,145 votes.

NA-220: PPPP’s Nawaz Yousaf Talpur wins with 162,979 votes. PTI’s Shah Mehmood Qureshi runner-up with 104,267 votes.

NA-186: PTI’s Amir Talal Gopand wins with 62,915 votes. PPPP's Muhammad Dawood Khan follows with 52,790 votes.

NA-187: PTI’s Abdul Majeed Khan Niazi wins with 93,902 votes. Independent Bahadur Ahmed Khan runner-up with 82,225 votes.

NA-189: PTI’s Khawja Sheraz Mehmood wins with 78,596 votes. Independent Sardar Meer Badshah runner-up with 39,522 votes.

NA-195: PTI’s Sardar Riaz Mehmood Khan wins with 53,724 votes. PML-N Khizar Hussain Mazari runner-up with 42,426 votes.

NA-197: PPPP’s Ehsanur Rehman Mazari wins with 84,742 votes. MMA’s Shamsheer Ali Mazari follows with 47,326 votes.

NA-198: PPP's Abid Hussain Bhaiyo wins NA-198 Shikarpur-1 with 61,213 votes. Independent Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi follows with 49,961 votes.

NA-25: PTI’s Pervaiz Khattak wins NA-25, Nowshera 1 with 82,118 votes. PPP’s Khan Pervez runner-up with 35,658 votes.

NA-24: PTI’s Fazal Muhammad Khan win in NA-24 Charsadda with 83,495 votes. ANP Chief Asfandyar Wali follows with 59,483 votes.

NA-74: PML-N’s Ali Zahid wins with 97,237 votes. PTI’s Ghulam Abbas follows with 93,434 votes.

NA-50: Independent Muhammad Ali wins with 23,830 votes. Independent Syed Tariq Gilani follows with 8,250 votes.

NA-202: PPP’s Aftab Shahban Mirani wins with 72,159 votes. MMA’s Nasir Mehmood Soomor follows with 36,046 votes.

NA-265: PTI’s Qasim Khan Suri wins with 25,973 votes. BNP’s Nawabzada Mir Lashkari Raisani follows with 20,389 votes.

NA-185: Independent Syed Basit wins with 94,282 votes. PTI's Muhammad Muazzam Ali Jatoi follows with 72,822 votes.

NA-105: PTI’s Raza Nasrullah wins with 77, 862 votes. Independent Muhammad Masood Nasir follows with 69,211 votes.

NA-110: PTI’s Raja Riaz Ahmed wins with 114,215 votes. PML-N’s Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan follows with 108,172 votes.

NA-226: MQM’s Sabir Kaimkhani wins with 46,646 votes. PTI’s Jamshed Ali Sheikh follows with 38,672 votes.

NA-143: PML-N’s Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan wins with 142,988 votes. PTI’s Syed Gulzar Sibtain follows with 89,177 votes.

NA-107: PTI’s Khurram Shehzad wins with 126,441 votes. PML-N’s Haji Muhammad Akram Ansari follows with 102,159 votes.

NA-253: MQM’s Usama Qadri wins with 52,426 votes. PTI’s Ashraf Jabbar follows with 49,145 votes.

NA-92: PML-N’s Syed Javed Hasnain Shah wins with 96,421 votes. PTI’s Sahibzada Naeem Sialvi follows with 65,700 votes

NA-244: PTI’s Ali Haider Zaidi wins with 69,475 votes. PML-N’s Miftah Ismail follows with 31,247 votes.

NA-243: PTI chief Imran Khan wins with 91,358 votes. MQM’s Syed Ali Raza Abidi follows with 24,082 votes.

NA-214: PPPP’s Ghulam Mustafa Shah wins with 110,902 votes. SUP’s Syed Zainul Abideen follows with 54,676 votes.

NA-237: PTI’s Jamil Ahmed Khan wins with 33,289 votes. PPPP’s Abdul Hakim Baloch follows with 31,907 votes

NA-226: MQM’s Sabir Hussain won with 46,646 votes in NA-226 Hyderabad-II while PTI’s Jamshed Ali Shaikh came second with 38,672.

NA-148: PML-N candidate Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf won with 125,000 votes while PTI’s Malik Muhammad Yar Dhakoo tailed behind with 67,557 votes in NA-148, Sahiwal-II.

NA-69: PML-Q’s Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi stood first with 122,336 votes while PML-N’s Chaudhry Mubashir Hussain came second with 49,295 in NA-69, Gujrat-II.

NA-228: PPP’s Syed Naveed Qamar clinched top position with 76,057 votes while GDA’s Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur got 45,159 votes in NA-228, Tando Muhammad Khan.

NA-4: PTI’s candidate Murad Saeed got 71,600 votes and ANP’s Saleem Khan received 30,976 votes in NA-4 Swat-III.

NA-209: PPP’s Pir Syed Fazal Ali Shah won with 84,169 votes while GDA’s Pir Syed Sadaruddin Shah Rashdi came second with 66,799 votes in NA-209, Khairpur-II.

NA-114: PTI’s candidate M Mehboob Sultan with 106,043 votes while PPP’s Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat received 105,454 votes in NA-114, Jhang-I.

NA-255: MQM-P’s Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui came first with 59,807 votes in NA-255 central-III. PTI candidate Mehmood Baqi Moulvi stood second with 50,352 votes. 

NA-73: PML-N candidate Khawaja Saad Rafique clinched the top position in NA-73 Sialkot-II while Muhammad Usman Dar from the PTI got 115,464 votes.

NA-1: Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal candidate Maulana Abdul Akbar won with 4,8602 votes, while PTI’s Abdul Latif stood second with 40,002 votes.

NA-2: PTI candidate Haider Ali emerged victorious with 6,0989 votes while PML-N’s Amir Muqam got 40880 votes in NA-2, Swat-I.

NA-182: PPP's Mehar Irshad Ahmed wins NA-182, Muzaffargarh 2, with 53,726 votes. ARP's Jamshed Dasti runner up with 50,400 votes.

NA-215: PPP's Naveed Dero wins NA-215, Sanghar 1, with 77,812 votes. GDA's Haji Khudabaksh is runner up with 77,227 votes.

PS-104: PPP's Saeed Ghani wins PS-104, Karachi East 6, with 27,615 votes. GDA's Irfanullah Khan is runner up with 11,194 votes.

NA-82: PML-N's Usman Ibrahim wins NA-82, Gujranwala 4 with 117,520 votes. PTI's Ali Ahraf is runner up with 67,400 votes.

NA-212: PPP's Zulfikar Ali wins NA-212, Naushero Feroz, with 90,364 votes. GDA's Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi is runner up with 80,174 votes.

NA-245: PTI's Amir Liaquat wins NA-245, Karachi East 4, with 56,615 votes. MQM-P's Farooq Sattar runner up with 35,247 votes.

NA-256: PTI’s Muhammad Najeeb Haroon wins NA-256, Karachi Central 4 with 89,850 votes. MQM-P’s Amir Wali Uddin Chishti runner up with 45,575 votes.

NA-213: PPP's Asif Ali Zardari wins Na-213, Shaheed Benazirabad 1, with 111,179 votes. GDA's Sardar Shair Muhammad Rind is runner up with 53,521 votes.

NA-62:  AML head Sheikh Rashid  wins in NA-62, beating Bashir Chaudhry Danyal. 

PS-63: PPP's Sharjeel Memon won in PS-63, Hyderabad 2, with 44,243 votes TPP's Muhammad Ali Kazi is runner up.

NA-241: PTI's Faheem Khan wins NA-241, Karachi Korangi 3 with 26,706 votes. MQM's Moin Aamer Pirzada is runner up with 23,873 votes.

NA-241: PTI’s Naeem Khan wins NA-241, Karachi Korangi 3 with 26,706 votes: unofficial results from all polling stations. TLP’s Tahir Iqbal runner up with 19,184 votes.

NA-131: Imran Khan wins NA-131 with 84313 votes against Saad Rafique who bagged 83633 votes.

NA-159: PTI’s Rana Muhammad Qasim Noon wins NA-159 Multan 6 with 102,606 votes. PML-N’s Muhammad Zulqarnain Bukhari is runner up with 99,374 votes.

PS-111: PTI’s Imran Ismail wins PS-111 Karachi South 5 with 30,576 votes. He has defeated MMA’s Sufian who got 8,753 votes.

NA-131: PTI’s Imran Khan wins NA-131 Lahore 9 with 84,313 votes, defeating PML-N’s Saad Rafique who received 83,633 votes.

NA-106: Rana Sanaullah wins NA-106 Faisalabad 6 with 106,319 votes. He has beaten PTI's Nisar Ahmad Jutt who received 103,779 votes.

PS-125: PTI’s Syed Muhammad Abbas wins PS-125 Karachi Central 3 with 30,687 votes. MQM’s Abdul Haseeb is runner up with 26,818 votes.

NA-208: PPP’s Nafisa Shah wins NA-208 Khairpur 1 with 99,747 votes, trailed by GDA’s Ghous Ali Shah (36,562 votes).

NA-39: PTI's Muhammad Yaqoob Sheikh wins NA-39 Dera Ismail Khan 2 with 79,150 votes. He has defeated MMA's Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman who got 51,920 votes.

NA-136: PML-N's Malik Muhamad Afzal Khokhar wins NA-136 Lahore 14 with 88,831 votes. PTI's Malik Asad Ali Khokhar is runner up with 44,669 votes.

NA-112: PML-N’s Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhry wins NA-112 Toba Tek Singh 2 with 125,303 votes, trailed by PTI’s Muhammad Ashfaq (121,031 votes).

NA-174: PTI's Makhdoom Syed Sami-ul-Hassan Gillani wins NA-174 Bahawalpur 5 with 63,884 votes. He is followed by independent candidate Prince Bahawal Abbas who gathered 58,092 votes.

NA-177: PTI's Makhdoom Khusru Bakhtiyar wins NA-177 Rahim Yar Khan 3 with 100,768 votes. PPP's Makhdoom Shahab Uddin is second with 64,645 votes.

NA-166: Independent candidate Muhammad Abdul Ghafar Wattoo wins NA-166 Bahawalnagar 1 with 101,647 votes, followed by PTI's Syed Muhammad Asghar who got 91,046 votes.

NA-37: MMA's Asad Mehmood wins NA-37 Tank 3 with 27,871 votes. He is followed by PTI's Habib Ullah Khan Kundi who bagged 15,971 votes.

NA-150: Independent candidate Syed Fakhar Imam wins in NA-150 Khanewal-1 by securing 82,595 votes. PTI's Mohammad Raza Hayat Hiraj is runner-up with 71,034 votes.

NA-180: PPP's Syed Murtaza Mehmood wins NA-180 Rahim Yar Khan 6 with 71,988 votes. PML-N's Muhammad Arshad Khan Laghari is second with 54,990 votes.

NA-249: PTI’s Faisal Vawda wins NA-249 Karachi West 2 with 35,344 votes. He has defeated PML’s Shehbaz Sharif who received 34,626 votes.

NA-152: PTI's Zahoor Hussain Qureshi wins NA-152 Khanewal 3 with 108,707 votes. PML-N's Peer Aslam Bodla is second with 98,938 votes.

PB-10: Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) candidate wins with 24350. Sarfraz Bugti of BAP secured 15161 votes. 

NA-95: PTI’s Imran Khan wins NA-95 Mianwali 1 with 162,499 votes. PML-N’s Obaidullah Shadikhel is runner up with 49,505 votes.

NA-109: PTI's Faiz Ullah Kamoka wins NA-109 Faisalabad 3 with 122,905 votes, followed by PML-N's Mian Abdul Manan who got 94,476 votes.

NA-149: PTI's Rai Muhammad Murtaza Iqbal wins NA-149 Sahiwal 3 with 137,632 votes. PML-N's Muhammad Tufail is runner up with 111,999 votes.

NA-230 Fehmida Mirza of     Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) wins NA-230  Badin with  96875 votes. PPP's Haji Rasool Baksh bagged 96015. 

NA-129:  Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) stalwart Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has defeated PTI's central leader Aleem Khan in National Assembly constituency NA-129 from Lahore.

NA-115: PTI’s Ghulam Bibi Bharwana wins NA-115 Jhang with 91,434 votes. Independent candidate Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi runner-up with 68,616 votes.

NA-54: PTI's Asad Umar wins NA-54 Islamabad 1 with 56,945 votes. He secured victory over PML-N's Anjum Aqeel Khan who got 32,991 votes.

NA-38: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate Ali Ameen Gandapur has defeated Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman from  Ismail Khan.

NA-57: PTI’s Sadaqat Ali Abbasi wins NA-57 Murree with 97,104 votes. PML-N’s Shahid Khaqan Abbasi runner up with 91,381 votes.

NA-125:  PTI's Yasmeen Rashid defeated in Lahore by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz candidate. Waheed Alam Khan bagged 122327 votes while Yasmin Rashid received 105857 votes.

PP-168: PML-N’s Khawaja Saad Rafique wins PP-168 Lahore 25 with 34,112 votes, defeating PTI’s Muhammad Fayyaz Bhatti (14,940 votes).

NA-78: PML-N’s Ahsan Iqbal wins NA-78 Narowal 2 with 126,385 votes. PTI’s Abrar-ul-Haq trails with 66,934 votes. 

NA-3: PTI's Saleem Rehman wins NA-3 Swat 2 with 68,162 votes, defeating PML-N's Shehbaz Sharif who secured 22,756 votes to be ranked second.

NA-257: MMA’s Maulana Abdul Wasay wins NA-257 Killa Saifullah with 30,000 votes, defeating JUI-NP's Abdul Rauf who bagged 11,580 votes.

NA-205: Independent candidate Ali Mohammad Mahar wins NA-205 Ghotki 2 with 56,280 votes. PPP's Ahsanullah stands at second place with 25,100 votes.

NA-29: PTI’s Nasir Khan Yousafzai wins NA-29 Peshawar 3 with 49,762 votes.

NA-7: PTI's Muhammad Bashir Khan wins from NA-7, Lower Dir 2 with 62,416 votes. He was followed by MMA's Sirajul Haq who secured 45,918 votes.

NA-68: PML-Q’s Chaudhary Hussain Elahi wins NA-68 Gujrat 1 with 74,680 votes. PML-N’s Nawabzada Ali Gul at second place with 34,820 votes.

NA-191: PTI’s Zartaj Gul wins NA-191 DG Khan 3 with 79,817 votes. PML-N’s Awais Leghari runner-up with 54,548 votes.

NA-130: PTI’s Shafqat Mahmood wins NA-130 Lahore 8 with 127,405 votes. PML-N's Khawaja Ahmad Hassan at second place 104,625 votes.

PB-32: BNP’s Naseer Ahmed wins PB-32 Quetta 9 with 6,795 votes, beating MMA’s Abdul Ghafoor Haider who received 4,434 votes to finish second.

NA-58: PPP’s Raja Pervaiz Ashraf wins NA-58 Rawalpindi 2 with 125,090 votes. PTI's Chaudhry Mohammad Azeem comes in second with 96,574 votes.

NA-10: PML-N’s Ebadullah Khan wins NA-10 Shangla with 33,804 votes. ANP's Suder-ur Rehman comes in second with 32,780 votes.

NA-89: PML-N’s Mohsin Shahnawaz wins NA-89 Sargodha 2 with 114,245 votes. PTI's Usama Ghias Mela is runner-up with 113,422 votes.

NA-111: PML-N’s Khalid Javaid Warraich wins NA-111 Toba Tek Singh 1 with 110,556 votes, beating PTI’s Osama Hamza (85,448 votes).

NA-138: PML-N's Rasheed Ahmad Khan wins NA-138 Kasur 2 with 87,510 votes. PTI's Sardar Rashid Tufail comes in second place with 49,947 votes.

NA-85: PTI’s Imtiaz Ahmed Ranjha wins NA-85 Mandi Bahauddin 1 with 99,996 votes, beating PML-N's Mushahid Raza who got 80,387 votes.

NA-8: PTI’s Junaid Akbar wins NA-8 Malakand by securing 81,310 votes. He has defeated PPP’s Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who came in second with 43,724 votes.

NA-192 :  Shahbaz Sharif defeated by  Muhammad Khan Leghari of the PTI. PTI secured 80522 and Shahbaz Sharif bagged  SS 67608 .

NA-95: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has defeated PMLN's Obaidullah Shadi Khel by securing 162499 votes in his home town constituency in Mianwali . PML candidate bagged 49505 votes.

NA-190: PTI’s Zulfiqar Ali Khosa has won from Dera Ghazi Khan’s NA-190 constituency, defeating Muhammad Amjad Farooq Khosa, an Independent candidate. 

PS-52: Syed Ali Mardan Shah of PPP has defeated GDA's Arbab Ghulam Rahim  in Umarkot

NA-158: PTI’s Muhammad Ibrahim Khan wins NA-158 Multan 5 with 83,304 votes, defeating former PM and PPP leader Yousuf Raza Gilani who received 74,443 votes. 

PP-3 Attock: PTI's Tahir Sadiq has secured 19385, defeating PMLN's Asif Ali Malik

NA-216:  Shazia Atta Marri of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) has won from National Assembly constituency from Sanghar, defeating GDA's Kishan Chand Parwani who secured 69125 votes.

PP-12: In an upset defeat, former interior minister Ch Nisar loses PP-12 Rawalpindi 7 seat at the hands of PTI’s Wasiq Qayum who bagged 27351 votes.

NA-157: Zain Qureshi of PTI wins NA-157 Multan 4 with 77,371 votes beating his main rival Syed Ali Musa Gilani, son of former PPP PM Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani.

NA-118: PTI’s Ijaz Ahmad Shah wins NA-118 Nankana Sahib 2 with 63,987 votes while PML-N’s Shazrah Munsab Ali on second place with 60,764.

NA-6: PTI’s Mehboob Shah wins Lower Dir 1 with 54,723 votes, which is considered as heartland of Jamat-e-Islami. Shah’s main rival in the constituency, Maulana Asadullah of MMA stands at second with 31,404 votes.

NA-151: PML-N’s Mohammad Khan Daha wins Khanewal 2 with 111,198 votes. PTI’s Ahmad Yar Hiraj on second place with 109,520 votes.

NA -53: Amid wave of PTI across country, Chairman Imran Khan wins Islamabad seat with 92,891 votes while former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi bagged 44,314 votes.

PK-61: Ex-chief minister Pervez Khattak wins PK-61 Nowshera 1 with 20,647 votes. ANP’s Pervez Ahmed Khan runner-up with 16,054 votes.

NA-81: Former federal minister and senior PML-N leader Khurram Dastagir wins Gujranwala with 130837 votes.

NA-30: Sher Ali Arbab of PTI wins Peshawar 4 with 73,781 votes as MMA's Arbab Najeebullah Khan stands second with 18,111 votes.

NA-66: PTI’s Chaudhry Farrukh Altaf wins Jhelum 1 with 112,356 votes. PML-N’s Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim second with 92,912 votes.

NA-63: PTI's Ghulam Sarwar Khan beats former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan from Rawalpindi 7 (Taxila). The PTI candidate bagged 64,301 votes while Ch Nisar could only secured 48,497 votes.

NA-153: PML-N's Chaudhry Iftikhar Nazir wins Khanewal 4 with 106,291 votes. PTI's Malik Ghulam Murtaza Maitla comes second with 76,920 votes.

NA-120: Former federal minister Rana Tanvir Hussain wins Sheikhupura 2 with 99,674 votes. His rival PTI's Ali Asghar Chaudhry got 74,165 votes.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto trailing behind on both NA-246 Karachi and NA-200 Larkana 1 seats.

NA-224: PPP's Zulfiqar Bachani emerged victorious in NA-224 Tando Allahyar election after he attained 80,230 votes. GDA's Mohammad Mohsin stood runner-up with 51,536 votes.

NA-52: PTI's Khurram Shehzad Nawaz won election in NA-52 Islamabad-1 by bagging 64,690 votes. He was trailed by PML-N candidate Tariq Fazl Chaudhry, who secured 34,072 votes.

NA-52: PTI's Khurram Shehzad Nawaz won election by securing 64,690 votes, while PML-N’s Tariq Fazl Chaudhry secured 34,072 votes.

NA-224: PPP's Zulfiqar Bachani emerged victorious in NA-224 Tando Allahyar election after he attained 80,230 votes. GDA's Mohammad Mohsin stood runner-up with 51,536 votes.

NA-124: Senior PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz won by bagging 139,443 votes. He was followed by PTI candidate Nauman Qaisar, who secured 69,251 votes.

NA-119: Rahat Amanullah of PTI won Sheikhupura-1 seat securing 126,025 votes. He was trailed by PML-N's Rana Afzaal Hussain, who begged 103,572 votes.

NA-171: Riaz Hussain Pirzada, former PML-N minister, won election in NA-171 Bahawalpur-2 with 59,500 votes. He was followed by PTI's Naeemuddin Waraich, who bagged 53,109 votes.

NA-150: Independent candidate Syed Fakhar Imam won polls in NA-150 Khanewal-1 by securing 82,595 votes. PTI's Mohammad Raza Hayat Hiraj stood runner-up with 71,034 votes.

NA-190: Disgruntled PML-N leader Zulfikar Ali Khosa, who swithched to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has emerged victorious in NA-190 Dera Ghazi Khan-2 polls by securing 62,936 votes. Khosa was followed by independent candidate Amjad Farooq Khosa, who bagged 56,310.

NA-12: Nawaz Khan of PTI won the contest by bagging 21,200 votes. Khan was followed by MMA's Mohammad yousuf, who attained 16,789 votes.

NA-194: Nasrullah Dareshak of PTI won by securing 75,209 votes. The PTI candidate was followed by independent Hafeezur Rehman Khan Dareshak, who secured 60,311 votes.

NA-71: PTI's Mohammad Ilyas Chaudhry won an important seat by bagging 87,181 votes in PML-N’s heartland of Gujrat. PML-N's Chaudhry Abid Raza Kotla stood runner-up with 79,946 votes.

NA-137: PML-N's Saad Wasim Akhtar won by securing 38,077 votes. Akhtar was followed by PTI candidate Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali, who begged 11,359 votes.

NA-17: PTI's Umer Ayub Khan won election in NA-17 Haripur after he attained 166,786 votes. PML-N's Babar Nawaz Khan stood runner-up in the polls with 149,292 votes.

NA-155, Multan: PTI's Amir Dogar has won the election in NA-155 Multan-2 by attaining 88,567 votes, unofficial and unconfirmed results from all polling stations suggested. PML-N candidate Sheikh Mohammad Tariq Rasheed stood runner-up with 71,457 votes.

NA-26 (NOWSHERA - 2): PTI's Imran Khattak (27662) vs ANP's Jamal Khan Khattak (13632)

NA-52 (ISLAMABAD - 1): PTI's Raja Khurram Shahzad Nawaz (21956) vs PML-N's Tariq Fazal Chaudhry (9465)

NA-29 (PESHAWAR - 3): PTI's Nasir Khan (16246) vs MMAP's Naeem Jan (11968)(%):37

NA-8 (MALAKAND P.A): PTI's Junaid Akbar (16526) vs PPP's Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (6139)

NA-55 (ATTOCK - 1): PTI's Tahir Sadiq (62690) vs PML-N's Sheikh Aftab Ahmed (41127)

NA-41 (TRIBAL AREA-2): PTI's Gul Zafar Khan (4569) vs Independent candidate (3225)

NA-32, Kohat: PTI's Shehryar Afridi (23168) vs MMAP's Gohar Muhammad Khan Bangash (13061)

NA-25 (NOWSHERA - 1): PTI's Pervez Khattak vs PPP's Khan Pervez (10689)

NA-17 (HARIPUR): PTI's Omar Ayub Khan (62, 087) vs PML-N's Babar Nawaz Khan (49, 005)

NA-28 (PESHAWAR - 2): PTI's Arbab Amir Ayub (30279) vs MMAP candidate (9503)

NA-156: PTI's Shah Mehmood Qureshi wins polls in NA-156 Multan-3 by securing 93,500 votes, unofficial and unconfirmed results from all polling station suggested. PML-N's Amir Saeed Ansari stood runner-up with 74,624 votes to his credit.

NA-5: PTI's Sahibzada Sibghatullah wins NA-5 Upper Dir polls by bagging 49,299 votes, according to unofficial and unconfirmed results from all polling stations. PPP's Najmuddin Khan stood runner-up with 28,736 votes.

NA-193, Rajanpur-1: PTI’s Sardar M. Jaffar Khan Leghari wins with 87915 votes in NA-193, Rajanpur  

NA-5, Upper Dir: PTI’s Sahibzada Sibghatullah wins NA-5, according to unofficial results obtained from all polling stations. 

NA-54, Islamabad: PTI’s Asad Umar leads with 26,443 in NA-54 Islamabad-3, while PML-N’s Najam Aqeel Khan follows behind with 11,188 votes.

NA-16 (ABBOTTABAD - 2): PTI's Ali Khan Jadoon (23850) vs PMLN's Mohabbat Khan (15980)

NA-69 (GUJRAT - 2): PML-Q's Pervez Elahi (41160) vs PML-N's Ch Mubasher Hussain (15719)

NA-61 (RAWALPINDI - 5): PTI's Aamir Mehmood Kiani (11, 668) vs PML-N's Ibrar Ahmed (6, 655)

NA-36 (LAKKI MARWAT): PTI's Ishfaq Ahmed Khan (5198) vs MMAP's Muhammad Anwar (5147)

NA-46 (TRIBAL AREA - 7): PPP's Sajid Hussain Turi (888) vs Independent Syed Irshad Hussain (484)

NA-28 (PESHAWAR - 2): PTI's Arbab Amir Ayub (29802) vs MMA's Sabir Hussain Awan (9186)

NA-16 (ABBOTTABAD - 2): PTI's Ali Khan Jadoon (22121) vs PML-N's Mohabbat Khan (14864)

NA-9 (BUNER): PTI's Sher Akbar Khan (25539) vs ANP's Abdur Rauf (14865)

NA-93 (KHUSHAB - 1): PML-N's Umar Aslam Khan (14387) vs PML-N's Sumaira Malik (10116)

NA-83 (GUJRANWALA - 5): PML-N's Zulfiqar Ahmad (31121) vs PTI's Rana Nazir Ahmad Khan (17839)

NA-73 (SIALKOT - 2): PTI's Muhamamd Usman Dar (28722) vs Khawaja Muhammad Asif of PML-N (27369)

NA-59 (RAWALPINDI - 3): PTI's Ghulam Sarwar Khan (15, 620) vs Independent candidate Ch Nisar Ali Khan (7150)

NA-43 (TRIBAL AREA - 4): PTI's Noor ul Haq Al Qadri (17487) vs Independent (16656).

NA-34 (KARAK): PTI's Shahid Ahmad (14545) vs Mir Zakim Khan (4113)

NA-21 (MARDAN - 2): ANP's Ameer Haider Azam Khan (20018) vs PTI's Muhammad Atif (19936)

NA-18 (SWABI - 1): PTI's Asad Qaiser (24756) vs Fazal Ali of MMAP (7890)

NA-8 (MALAKAND P.A): PTI's Junaid Akbar (14, 287) vs PPP's Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (5010)

NA-14, Mansehra: Muhammad Sajjad (14923) vs PTI's Zar Gul Khan (13749)

NA-11 (KOHISTAN-CUM-LOWER KOLAI PALLAS KOHISTAN ):  Independent candidate Dost Muhammad Shakir  (3111) vs PML-N's Mehboobullah Jan (1658)

NA-10 (SHANGLA): Ibadullah Khan of PML-N vs ANP's Saeed ur Rehman (9767)

NA-2 (SWAT - 1): Haider Ali Khan of PTI (13408) vs PML-N's Ameer Muqam  (9647)

NA-17 (Haripur): PTI's Omar Ayub Khan  (35784) vs  PML-N's Babar Nawaz Khan (27259)

NA-7 (LOWER DIR - 2): PTI's Muhamamd Basir Khan (12000) vs MMAP's Siraj ul Haq (7371)

NA-6 (LOWER DIR - 1): PTI's Mehbooh Shah (9083) vs ANP's Muhamamd Zahid Khan (3559)) 

NA-16, Abbottabad 2: PTI's Ali Khan Jadoon (11563) vs PML-N's Mohabbat Khan (7896)

NA- 15, Abbotabad 1: PML-N's Murtaza Javaid Abbasi (13644) vs PTI's Ali Asghar Khan (10473)

NA-13, Mansehra:  IND Saleh Muhammad (20448) vs PML-N's Sardar Shah Jehanyousaf (17511)

NA-12, Battagram:  PTI's Muhammad Nawaz Khan (4103) vs MMAP Muhammad Youssef (3551)

NA-11, Kohistan-cum-Lower Kolai Pallas Kohistan:  MMAP's Afreen Khan 1303 vs PML Mehboobullah Jan (1094)

NA-10, Shangla: PML-N's Ibadullah Khan (6934) vs ANP's Saeed ur Rehman (5770)

NA-9, Buner:  PTI's Sher Akbar Khan (16482) vs ANP's Abdur Rauf (10177)

NA- 8, Malakand P.A:  PTI's Junaid Akbar (13519) vs PPPP's Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (4736)

NA-7, Lower Dir 2: PTI's Muhammad Bashir Khan (12000) vs MMAP Siraj UL Haq (7371)

NA-6, Lower Dir 1:   PTI Mehboob Shah (9083) vs ANP's Muhammad Zahid Khan (3559)

NA-5, Upper Dir:  PTI's Sahibzada Sibghatullah (7898) vs MMAP's Sahibzada Tariqullah (4280)

NA-4, Swat 3: PTI Murad Saeed (9864) vs ANP Muhammad Salim Khan (4044)

NA 3 Swat 2: PTI Saleem Rehman (18289) vs PMLN Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif (4228)

NA 47 Tribal Area 8: QWP Essam Uddin (666) vs MMAP Qasim Gul (558)

NA-46 Tribal Area 7 : PPPP Sajid Hussain Turi (659) vs IND Syed Irshad Hussain (294)

NA-49, Tribal Area 10:  IND Qayyum Sher (189) vs ANP Jahangir Khan (108)

NA-35, Bannu:  PTI's Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi (12990) vs MMA-P's Akram Khan Durrani (11928)

NA- 57, Rawalpindi 1:  PTI's Sadaqat Ali Khan (14775) vs PML-N's Shahid Khaqan Abbasi (13557)

NA-62, Rawalpindi-6:  AML-P's Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed (12580)  vs PML-N candidate Danyal Chaudhry (9445)

NA-75 Sialkot-4: PML-N's Syed Iftikhar ul Hassan (10533)  vs IND Usman Abid (5103)

NA 14 Mansehra-cum-Torghar:  PML-N's Muhammad Sajjad (9946) vs PTI's Zar Gul Khan (9003)

NA-14, Mansehra-cum-Torghar:  PML-N's Muhammad Sajjad (9946) vs PTI's Zar Gul Khan (9003)

NA-32, Kohat: PTI's Shehryar Afridi (13207) vs MMAP's Gohar Muhammad Khan Bangash (6912)

NA-39, DI KHAN 2: PTI's Muhammad Yaqoob Sheikh (8518) vs MMAP's Fazl Ur Rehman (5206)

NA-33, Hangu: PTI's Khial Zaman (2601) vs MMAP's Atiq ur Rehman (233)

NA-44-Tribal Area 5:  IND Shamsuddin (852) vs PTI's Mohammad Iqbal Khan (588)

NA-10, Shangla:  PML-N's  Ibadullah Khan (4330) vs ANP's Sadeed ur Rehman (4193)

NA-7, Lower Dir 2:  PTI's Muhammad Bashir Khan (9723) vs MMAP candidate Sirajul Haq (6000)

NA-2, Swat 1:  PTI Haider Ali Khan (4615) vs PML-N's Ameer Muqam (3785)

NA-1 Chitral: MMA-P's Moulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali (12293) vs PTI candidate Abdul Latif (6229)

NA 206 Sukkur 1: PPPP's Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah (13236) vs PTI's Syed Tahir Hussain Shah (5548 votes)

NA-260 Nasirabad-cum-Kachhi-cum-Jhal Magsi 1:  BAP (2959) vs PTI Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind (1518)

NA-228:  PPPP's Syed Naveed Qamar (5597) vs GDA Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur (3618)

NA-256 Karachi Central 4:  PTI's  Muhammad Najeeb Haroon (571) vs MQM-P Amir Wali Uddin Chishti (320)

NA-264 Quetta 1:  HDP's Muhammad Raza (2616) vs MMAP's Asmatullah (1990)

Shah Mahmood Qureshi wins

NA-156, Multan-3: Senior PTI leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi has won the election by bagging 93, 500 votes in NA-156, Multan. 

NA-124, Lahore: PML-N's Hamza Shehbaz (14, 336) vs PTI’s Nauman Qaiser (8, 227) 

NA-123, Lahore: PML-N’s Muhammad Malik Riaz (5511) vs Mehr Wajid Azeem of PML-N (5, 065)

NA-95: PTI’s Imran Khan (29, 228) vs Ubaidullah Shadikhel of PML-N (6, 008)

NA-17, Haripur: PTI’s Umar Ayub (38, 230) vs Babar Nawaz Khan of PML-N (27, 596)

NA-80, Gujrawala: PTI’s Tariq Mahmood (28, 840) vs PML-N’s Chaudhry Muhammad Bashir Virk (25, 774)