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Pakistan's first transgender newscaster recounts her struggle

Marvia also made headlines in the recent past as the first Trans model to walk the ramp during a fashion week.

By Bismah Mughal
March 25, 2018

A private TV channel recently recently made history by hiring a transgender newscaster.

 Marvia Malik, however, thinks she might have made history by appearing on TV, the difficulties facing her community are far from over.

"They are still faced with more than their fair share of hindrances, reveals Marvia in an exclusive interview with The News.

Marvia also made headlines in the recent past as the first Trans model to walk the ramp during a fashion week.

She says she was interviewed at Kohenoor News TV channel three months ago and was hired the same day.

In conversation with The News, she has revealed the innumerable hurdles that a transgender has to go through in their routine life. “The life of a transgender is full of tremendous difficulties and they are all leading the same life and facing the same challenges,” stated Marvia.

After being abandoned  by her family, she financed her higher education at the Punjab University by utilizing the skills she had acquired through a beautician course. 

Her family has remained silent on the news of her success as a news anchor, she reveals.

Graduating from Punjab University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Marvia revealed that the teachers at her institution had been extremely supportive and she did not face any discrimination at the hands of her professors, unlike the students who did tend to develop a prejudiced behavior towards her.

“When transgender are so isolated by society as well as family, they obviously have no other option but to sell their bodies and become escorts, or dance on the streets and become beggars,” stated Marvia on the adversities transgender are facing.

Marvia encouraging those struggling with their gender identity, stated that: “Keep fighting and keep working hard regardless of what field you’re working in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a news caster or a driver, if you work hard and be resilient in the face of hardship you can achieve success unquestionably.”