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Pakistani Ph.D student pursues her dreams in China

By Web Desk
October 14, 2017

A Pakistani student Saira Safdar is pursuing her research dreams in China.

Having been in the country for almost 5 years, Saira is doing PHD in Material Engineering in China. She grew up with her dream of becoming an engineer.

“When I was growing up, I wanted to become an engineer. It was my dream,” she said in an interview to a Chinese news agency.

Saira applied for the scholarship and ended up coming to world’s second largest economy. According to her, doing experiments in China is easier for girls than in Pakistan.

“China also has wide range of machinery and better facilities to experiment”.

She is currently working on a high temperature magnet which would be capable of enduring temperatures up to 500 centigrade.  These magnets are used inside engines that are used in space flights.

Saira says her work and experiments don’t turn out to be accurate always in the first place. Her work requires caution and most of all plenty of studying.

She considers herself fortunate to be working in China.