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A group of architects striving to renovate Karachi zoo

By Fazil Jamili
October 22, 2016

KARACHI: A team of seven architects headed by Zain Mustafa, who is also an architect and designer, are striving to renovate the Karachi zoo to improve the quality of life of the animals there.

The talented design group of 7 creative minds headed by animal rights activist and architect Zain Mustafa and mentored by PTI architect Samar Ali Khan visits the Karachi zoo every Friday to re-design the whole place for making it more animal friendly.

The group made a presentation “Karachi Zoo- Revival Conceptual Visualizations” for the awareness of the masses.

The presentation was made right in front of the disturbed screeching Chimp Raju. They said their initial conceptual 3Ds and master plan were received with a certain interest and curiosity.

“We all of us are keeping our focus at all times on the plight of the imprisoned animals,” they said.

During their presentation, they addressed several needs of the Zoo - maintenance of the old Gandhi Gardens, retention of its heritage character, saving of the old trees, addition of a sculpture garden, several smaller jewel like botanical specialty gardens, rebranding, an education program, visitors centre at all four entrances and last but not least, the complete overhaul of cages to natural habitat simulated enclosures.

They also welcomed the new volunteers, friends and supporters of their cause from civil society along with a freelance documentary filmmaker.