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Forensic report confirms Samia Shahid was murdered

By Web Desk
August 03, 2016

JHELUM: The forensic report of deceased British-Pakistani woman Samia Shahid confirmed that she had been murdered and her death had not been caused due to natural causes. 

The forensic report of Samia Shahid was received on Wednesday in which it was confirmed that she had been murdered. The report stated clearly that her death had been caused due to suffocation, as she was stopped from breathing. The forensic report was handed over to the Chief Minister's investigating committee. 

Samia Shahid was a British-Pakistani woman who had returned home in July, to visit her relatives in northern Punjab. Samia was found murdered on July 20 and ever since then, her case has had various twists and turns. Samia Shahid's family had claimed that she had died of natural causes, a heart attack. Samia's maternal uncle had also stated the same. 

However, a wound was spotted on Samia's neck which led to the speculation that she had been murdered by her relatives. Her second husband Mukhtar Kazam had claimed that Samia had been murdered by her family for 'honour'. However, her family has denied the claims.