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2 sisters shot to death in Faisalabad firing incident

By Web Desk
June 20, 2016

FAISALABAD: Two sisters were killed in Faisalabad when armed men forced their way into a house and shot them to death on Monday. 

According to the police, in Faisalabad's Tehsil Jaranwala's Chak 272-GB, armed men stormed a house and opened fire on two women. Both sisters, who were targeted in the attack, were killed. When the firing occurred, their mother was also in the house but she remained safe. At the time of the attack, both sisters and their mother were sleeping.

After the incident occurred, residents of the locality tried to nab the suspects. However, the armed assailants fired upon the residents and injured three of them.

So far, the motive for the killings could not be determined however, police suspected that it was related to personal enmity.