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T.J. Holmes' ex-wife excludes journalist from daughter's celebrations

T.J. Holmes shares daughter Sabine with former wife Marilee Fiebig

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June 21, 2024
TJ Holmes daughter graduates from 5th grade
TJ Holmes' daughter graduates from 5th grade

T.J. Holmes’ daughter Sabine recently graduated from 5th grade and is “soon-to-be middle schooler.”

The journalist’s former wife Marilee Fiebig announced the big news in a sweet Instagram post on Thursday, June 20.

The 11-year-old’s mother shared a mother-daughter snap on the social media giant, revealing that her daughter is set to mark another milestone as a middle schooler.

Fiebig, who finalized her divorce from Holmes in October 2023, wrote in the caption: “Congrats to all the graduates, including my soon-to-be middle schooler (who also will be taller than me before summer’s end. I have nothing smart or wise to say…chapters like these are for celebrating, crying and letting go but I’ve been choked up all week.”

T.J. Holmes ex-wife excludes journalist from daughters celebrations

The lawyer further explained: “What I will say is that middle school and beyond, I’ll continue to follow her morning walk to school, but far enough behind so if she turns to see if I’m following, I have time to jump behind cars and bushes.”

Fiebig was spotted flashing smiles, donning a long red dress.

Meanwhile, Sabine kept it simple with a casual blue dress as she posed right next to her mother.