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Kevin Costner on surviving Christine Baumgartner divorce: It’s all about children

Kevin Costner reflects on his iconic 40-year career in a new interview

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June 19, 2024
Kevin Costner on how he navigates childen's life on track: More inside

Kevin Costner has recently explained how he took care of his children amid his divorce from Christine Baumgartner.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the Yellowstone star said, “It’s really about the children.”

Reflecting on his iconic 40-year career, Kevin revealed that it took him a while to navigate his family and life on track after he split from Christine in May 2023.

“You just do it. You just keep talking, you keep coaching [the kids], you keep interested in what they’re interested in,” shared the 69-year-old, who shares custody of his three youngest children, Cayden, 17, Hayes, 15, and Grace, 14, with Christine.

Kevin also pointed out that divorce is not easy when children are involved in the family dynamics.

“It was something I had to think about 20 years ago, when I agreed to be married [again],” remarked the actor, who shares three children, Annie, 40, Lily, 37, and Joe, 36, with ex-wife Cindy Silva,

He mentioned, “I had been divorced once and that was rough with kids.”

Strangely enough, Kevin and Christine “just weren’t able to go the distance”.

Calling his former wife Christine “a good partner [and] good mother”.

“That was my fear and so I'm kind of living with that right now. But that's life,” he remarked.

Kevin Costner on surviving Christine Baumgartner divorce: It’s all about children

Elsewhere in the interview, Kevin talked about his commitment to Horizon: An American Saga, which will release this summer.

“So many things were in motion. I had this money out there, these movies were committed, 300 or 400 people working on it. There was just nothing I could do,” noted the actor.

Kevin explained, “If you're in a storm and you're the only one up on deck holding the wheel, and you're just trying to get the rain and salt water out of your eyes, you couldn't let go of the wheel.”

“I just haven't been able to let go of the wheel,” he added.