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Matthew Perry’s death investigation takes a dramatic turn: Deets inside

Matthew Perry’s death probe underway, claims source

By Web Desk
June 19, 2024
Matthew Perry's death investigation update: More inside

Matthew Perry’s death investigation has recently taken a new turn when an A-list celebrity handed over their laptop and cell phone in a new update. 

On June 19, a source told In Touch, a woman was brought in for multiple interviews with law enforcement after the LAPD has made “significant progress in its investigation in May.

Law enforcement went to the mystery woman’s residence with a search warrant in L.A., but she was not present. When she came back, she was “completely cooperative" with authorities”.

“Officers reportedly took an iPhone and computer,” shared an insider, adding the woman “surrendered everything”.

The source mentioned that the woman and the Friends alum, who died in October 2023, previously met in rehab, where they began an “unexpected friendship”.

“She’s hired lawyers and has had multiple meetings with law enforcement since they arrived at her sober living house with a search warrant. She’s being tight-lipped about the situation,” continued an insider.

Matthew Perry’s death investigation takes a dramatic turn: Deets inside

However, the source pointed out that the investigators “must have known something to get a warrant and turn up like that”.

“It’s tough to say or know exactly what her role is [in Matthew’s death], but she’s adamant she had nothing to do with that,” divulged an insider.

The source noted, “They leaned on each other.”

“She’s been an emotional wreck. This could send her over the edge, whether she’s involved or not,” noted a source.