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Bridge the 'Bridgerton Season 4' gap with these shows

'Bridgerton' fans have to wait for almost 2 years for the next season

By Web Desk
June 16, 2024
Bridge the Bridgerton Season 4 gap with these shows
Bridge the 'Bridgerton Season 4' gap with these shows

Jess Brownell, showrunner of Bridgerton season three, revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that fans may have to wait another two years for season four, sparking a frenzy on social media.

Brownell explained that the production process takes eight months to film, followed by editing, dubbing, and writing, which puts them on a two-year pace.

Although this may be a long wait for fans craving more of the show's gossip, romance, and drama, there are other captivating period dramas available to binge in the meantime.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Check out the Bridgerton prequel series, Queen Charlotte, created by Shonda Rhimes. It delves into Queen Charlotte's early days and her marriage to King George. The show intertwines two timelines, preceding the events of Bridgerton and taking place between seasons two and three. India Amarteifio plays Queen Charlotte, while Corey Mylchreest portrays King George.

The Crown

In contrast to Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte's fictionalised portrayal of the 18th-century monarchy, The Crown explores the real-life reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the modern British royal family.

Over six seasons, the Emmy-winning series chronicles the royal family's history, from Queen Elizabeth's early days on the throne to the arrival of Princess Diana and the courtship of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Great

The Great, a Hulu series starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, is a period drama that predates the Regency era of Bridgerton. The show follows the story of Catherine the Great, a strong-willed woman sent to 18th-century Russia to marry Peter III, but eventually plots to overthrow and kill him, becoming Russia's longest-reigning female leader.


Outlander, a Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's novels, follows Claire Randall, a former WWII nurse who travels back to 18th-century Scotland, where she begins a passionate relationship with Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser, torn between two men and two centuries. Like Bridgerton, it's a historical romance with steamy scenes, spanning eight seasons.


Dickinson, an Apple TV+ series, reimagines the life of poet Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) in 19th-century America, exploring themes of gender, sexuality, and artistry. While the show takes creative liberties with history, incorporating modern music and language, it maintains period-appropriate clothing and settings, offering a unique blend of past and present.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey, a British drama series, explores the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants in the early 20th century. The show, which premiered in 2010, follows their struggles with class, scandal, and historical events, including the sinking of the Titanic, which sets off a search for a new heir. The series has spawned two movies and another is in the works.

Gossip Girl

Before Lady Whistledown, there was Gossip Girl, the iconic CW series that followed the scandalous lives of Manhattan's Upper East Side elite. The show, which launched the careers of Blake Lively and others, revolves around six teenagers at an exclusive prep school, whose secrets are exposed by an anonymous gossip columnist, mirroring the format of Bridgerton's Lady Whistledown.