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Prince Harry unfazed by lack of invite at Trooping the Colour

King Charles snubbed invite to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for upcoming birthday parade

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June 14, 2024
Prince Harry unfazed by lack of invite at Trooping the Colour
Prince Harry unfazed by lack of invite at Trooping the Colour

Prince Harry would not be sweating King Charles’ decision to not invite him and wife Meghan Markle at this year’s Trooping the Colour.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex largely kept out of the royal affair since moving to the United States in a bid to lead more independent lives nearly four years ago.

Moreover, the King’s stance landed in his favour due to lingering feelings of feeling like a Spare before Prince William.

In his capacity as a working royal as well as an honorary colonel, the Prince of Wales rides in horseback at the event, while Harry is forced to watch him from the sidelines.

Speaking to the Mirror last year, royal expert Tessa Dunlop shared: "Whether Harry was invited or not (probably not – why would you invite someone who was not going to attend?) is a moot point. Harry is no longer a working royal.

"Trooping the Colour is a job for our working royals. The key word there is 'job'. Saturday will see them dressed up and on parade, doing what they do best, providing the military, which depends on its hierarchical structures, with an symbolic figurehead,” she explained.

Dunlop also reflected on the Spare author being void of his military uniform as well as titles, relegating his status in the royal family, recalling the Sussexes' Trooping the Colour appearance as working royals before the pandemic.

"We now know that playing second fiddle (Spare) to William chaffed and I suspect he is also relieved that courtesy of his new civilian identity he does not have to cross the Atlantic for yet another ceremonial pit-stop," Tessa continued.

Hence, she noted: "With family tensions unresolved, these days the prince's priority in Britain is his many legal cases. Harry is a changed man – he has opted for America and freedom from an institution over the British royal family and their unique version of duty.

"For fans of the Sussexes in Britain, his absence will be a loss but one we need to get used to,” the expert added.