Thursday June 20, 2024

VIDEO: Sacrificial animals robbed at gunpoint in Lahore

CCTV footage shows robbers getting their hands on sacrificial goats in Samanabad neighbourhood

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
Armed robbers snatch two goats from Lahore citizen at gunpoint. — Screengrab/Instagram/@geonewsdottv
Armed robbers snatch two goats from Lahore citizen at gunpoint. — Screengrab/Instagram/@geonewsdottv

As the occassion of Eid ul Adha draws near with masses bringing home cattle to offer the sacrifice, robbers have now activated for snatching and thefts as two such incidents surfaced in Lahore, where citizens lost their sacrificial goats to armed men. 

A shocking and disturbing video made rounds on social media platforms, showing sacrificial animals being snatched at gunpoint from a youngster by a group of robbers.

It showed the robbers in a vehicle stopping next to a young boy walking with goats in a lane. They first slapped the boy after exiting their car and threatened the citizen.

The robbers then seized the goats and forced the sacrificial animals into the vehicle while brandishing a pistol to intimidate him and prevent any resistance.

Once the perpetrators were done, they hastily fled the neighbourhood, leaving the boy in a state of shock. He then ran in panic towards the opposite side of the lane.

Netizens expressed outrage after the CCTV footage hit social media, exhibiting the helplessness of citizens in the hands of criminals with no authorities taking any effective measures.

A citizen wrote that the number plate of the robbers’ car was visible but “no one would take action against them” while another slammed the police inaction.

A user censured the police and the government, saying that authorities would do nothing “but eat barbeque [with robbers] together.”

The incident was reported in Lahore’s Samanabad neighbourhood yesterday. Police said that the vehicle used in the crime was seized, however, the dacoits have not been arrested so far. They added that raids were being conducted to arrest the culprits.

In a separate incident, a group of muggers snatched a goat from a citizen in Lahore’s Nishtar Colony. Police immediately swung into action and arrested one of the dacoits while his accomplice managed to flee from the scene.