Sunday May 19, 2024

Govt forms agency for cybercrime investigation anew

FIA will no longer investigate cases of electronic crimes under its cybercrime wing

By Ayaz Akbar Yousafzai
May 03, 2024
Representational image of a hacker involved in cybercrime. — Pixabay
Representational image of a hacker involved in cybercrime. — Pixabay

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will no longer be investigating or dealing with electronic crimes under its Cyber Crime Wing as the federal government has established another body afresh to do the task.

The new National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency (NCCIA) will probe the electronic crimes as the cybercrime wing stood defunct, a notification issued by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication on Friday read.

The ministry said that the government took the decision in exercise of powers conferred by section 51 read with section 29 of the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act, 2016.

“There shall hereby stand established the National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency (NCCIA) to exercise jurisdiction under the Act [Prevention of Electronic Crime Act, 20l6] and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) shall cease to perform functions as designated investigation agency under the Act,” the statement dated April 29, 2024 read.

The ministry said that the aII personnel, cases, inquiries, investigations, assets, Iiabilities, rights, obligations, privileges and matters related to the defunct cybercrime wing are transferred to the NCCIA.

"The NCCIA shall consist of a director general, additional director general, directors, additional directors, deputy, directors, assistant, directors and such other officers, as the director general may determine," the notification read.

However, the staff members of the defunct cybercrime wing of the FIA performing functions under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Investigation Rules, 2018 or under any other instrument, will shall continue to perform their duties for a period of one year, till appointnent of persons in the service of the NCCIA on regurar basis.

Moreover, the new agency will directly register all the cases related to cybercrime and it will have its own offices serving as police stations for the filing of complaints.