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AR Rahman discusses potential collab with 'inspirational' Taylor Swift

AR Rahman called the Hollywood singing sensation Taylor Swift inspiration

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April 17, 2024
AR Rahman talks about considering collab with Taylor Swift
AR Rahman talks about considering collab with Taylor Swift 

Composer AR Rahman discussed the potential collaboration with American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, describing her as an "inspiration."

During an interview with Connect FM Canada, the 57-year-old Indian music composer offered his perspective on collaborating with Swift, emphasizing that her versatility transcends genres.

When inquired if he is willing to collaborate with the Blank Space singer, Rahman said, “Whatever she wants. If she wants a dance number, it will be a dance number, if she wants a romantic number, it will be a romantic number. She writes the lyrics anyway.”

Offering his thoughts on Swift, one of the world’s top-selling artists, who recently made history as the first musician to achieve billionaire status, Rahman noted that the Cruel Summer songstress serves as an inspiration to musicians globally.

He said, “If people take the power of music to do good things, it is great. Michael Jackson had the power to do that. He did a lot of charity concerts and did philanthropy work in Africa."

"It is nice to see Taylor attaining that. She has gone through so much. She got cheated and made a comeback. She is a good case study and inspiration for musicians,” the Indian playback singer further added about the Hollywood singing sensation.