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Tarar vows action against those running social media campaign against martyrs

Information minister alleges PTI's social media team behind accounts running "insulting" campaign

By Web Desk
March 17, 2024
Information Minister Attaullah Tarar speaking during a presser in Lahore on March 17, 2024. — YouTube screengrab/Geo News Live
Information Minister Attaullah Tarar speaking during a presser in Lahore on March 17, 2024. — YouTube screengrab/Geo News Live 

LAHORE: Information Minister Attaullah Tarar vowed Sunday of government taking legal action against the accounts behind the "insulting" campaigns against soldiers who were martyred in North Waziristan, claiming that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) social media team was behind the act. 

A day earlier, at least seven Pakistan Army soldiers, including a lieutenant colonel and captain, embraced martyrdom after fighting with terrorists as they attacked a security forces' post in North Waziristan District.

Speaking about the incident during a presser in Lahore on Sunday, Tarar said that the Pakistan Army, the police and people have made sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

"I condemn the insulting social media campaign launched by a political party against the martyrs and their sacrifices," he said, alleging that PTI's social media team was behind these accounts. 

Such behaviour was intolerable and people behind the campaign have been identified, said the information minister. 

Urging the nation to come together for national unity and security, Tarar said that some "red lines should not be crossed", stressing that those who run such campaigns will be identified and brought to justice through legal action.

He added that many of the social media accounts were being operated outside of Pakistan and the followers of these accounts also preside in Pakistan.

"Those who mock the sacrifices of the martyrs do not deserve any concession. Criticise politics a hundred times but don't do this against martyrs," he urged. "Insulting and mocking the martyrs is not acceptable under any circumstances."

The information minister said that the government pays homage to the sacrifices made by the martyrs in the Waziristan incident.

Speaking about the economic situation of the country, the minister said that there's not a single day when Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif does not hold a meeting related to the economy.

Tarar said that the country's economic situation requires urgent measures, adding that the government will not let the country default as it is their mission to make people's lives easier.

He added that loss-making institutions will be privatised and the government was also working on tax reforms and restructuring of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).