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Who is Kylie McDevitt Kelce, wife of Jason Kelce?

Kylie McDevitt says she went to a pub to meet Jason for their first date

By Web Desk
November 18, 2023
A picture of Kylie McDevitt Kelce and Jason Kelce. — Instagram/@kykelce
A picture of Kylie McDevitt Kelce and Jason Kelce. — Instagram/@kykelce

Although Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles won a Super Bowl, his greatest accomplishment is the life he and his wife Kylie Kelce have created — below are some interesting facts about Kylie McDevitt Kelce.

Kylie grew up in Eagles territory. She was born in 1992 and raised in the Philadelphia Main Line neighbourhood of Narberth. She went to college close by, at Wayne, Pennsylvania's Cabrini University. As Sarah graduated in 2017 with a degree in communications, Jason stood by her side.

"She's from the area. Both of her parents are here, my parents came in, and she has a lot of friends, family members. She's not alone by any stretch of the imagination," the pro athlete told reporters the day after his firstborn's birth in October 2019, noting that his teammates and coaches had been very supportive. "There's not much I can do. Obviously, I can be supportive and whatnot, but, you know, you can't milk me."

In the Amazon Prime Video documentary Kelce, Kylie talked about how she met her spouse and acknowledged that she was unaware that the person she matched with was an athlete at first. "None of his pictures showed Eagles football," she stated.

Kylie said that she went to a pub to meet Jason and his buddies for their first date. But the date was short-lived. In the documentary, she added, "45 minutes later, he fell asleep at the bar, like just, out, like asleep, asleep."

"The next day, he called and was like, can we try that again?" He "did much better" at impressing her the following time they went out, Kylie said.

On November 11, 2015, Kylie and her boyfriend made their relationship public on Instagram when Kylie posted a black-and-white photo of them with the message, "Thank goodness you swiped right too."

On April 14, 2018, the pair exchanged vows at the Logan Hotel in Philadelphia. According to Sarah Alderman, their wedding coordinator, there were perhaps 170 guests in attendance. Among the guests was Winnie, the 20-pound Irish wolfhound whom the Kelces received in May 2017 and are supposedly "obsessed with," according to Philadelphia Magazine.

Two months after Jason's Eagles team won Super Bowl LII, he got married. Hugh E Dillon, a photographer in Philadelphia, stated that he had a tip "six weeks" prior from a client who claimed to have seen Jason purchasing wedding rings and an engagement ring, suggesting that their engagement was brief.

On the anniversary of the couple's wedding, Kylie posted a heartfelt statement to Instagram. "A year ago today, we stood in front of our closest friends and family and vowed our love and commitment to each other," Kylie wrote. I am really appreciative that I get to live with this man."

Kylie wore a green Eagles shirt with the words "62 did this" in all capitals and an arrow pointing to her tummy two months before they had their first child.

"Just granting recognition where it is deserved... And to everyone who complimented me on my glow—that was sweat," the soon-to-be mother posted on Instagram in August 2019.

On October 2, 2019, Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce, their eldest daughter, was born. According to what Jason told reporters, at first they were considering Wyatt for a boy and Charlotte for a girl, but friends preferred the latter name because Wyatt sounded more "regardless" of gender.

Kylie has consistently assisted in fundraising for the Eagles Autism Foundation. In its second year in 2022, she organised an annual event at Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, that raised $150,000, of which the Kelces contributed $50,000.

Since she was a high school student, Kylie has volunteered. She assisted in packing boxes for the soldiers and worked with the Special Olympics of New Jersey.