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Sofia Vergara talks ‘difficult’ Joe Manganiello split as she hopes for ‘fresh start’

Sofia Vergara is romantically linked to orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman three months after her divorce

By Web Desk
November 18, 2023

Sofia Vergara got candid about the year that she has had and alluded to her divorce with husband Joe Manganiello.

While attending her brand’s launch party on Thursday in Los Angeles, the Modern Family alum, 51, spoke to People Magazine about the ups and downs of her past year.

“I’ve had a very interesting year,” she said. “I don’t want to say ‘bad’ or anything like that, but it’s been very interesting and very difficult.”

“I went through a divorce this year, the SAG strike that went on for so long,” the actress continued. “I’ve seen my friends struggle — some had to take their kids out of their schools or had problems with their mortgages, so it’s been a weird, weird year.”

Vergara and her husband of seven years announced their split in late July. Two days after the announcement, the Magic Mike actor, 46, filed for divorce from Vergara, listing their separation as July 2, 2023.

Sofia Vergara talks ‘difficult’ Joe Manganiello split as she hopes for ‘fresh start’

While Vergara went through a divorce, there were also other obstacles in her life especially after actor’s strike. However, the actress is quite hopeful.

“It’s not like it’s bad,” Vergara shared. “I think all the things are resolving, everything is going to be okay and I’m very excited for next year.”

When asked if she thought that 2024 would be a “fresh start” for her, to which said that she “hopes so.”

“I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a fresh start at 51. I don’t know if I’m fresh anymore, but I’m just excited,” Vergara added.

"I’m excited for the TV show that is coming. I’m excited for Toty, which has been doing really well since we started and people are loving it because it’s such a good quality product.”