Friday December 01, 2023

Taylor Swift's breakup anthem after Travis Kelce already in conversation

Taylor Swift already seemed 'smitten' by Travis Kelce

By Web Desk
October 04, 2023

Taylor Swift's fans or you may call her followers are already anticipating her breakup with Travis Kelce. Although the two haven't confirmed their romance yet, the least Swifties can expect is an album from the singer after the split.

Candace Owens in her podcast shed light on the fact that Travis Kelce's romance has given the Blank Space singer another opportunity to write lovey-dovey romantic songs hand in hand with break-up songs and hence, there could be chances of a probable complete album - featuring Taylor-Kelce's ups and downs.

The American commentator also played a TikTok as a fan suggested her after breakup anthem's lyrics captioned as "Taylor Swift's first single after breaking up with Travis Kelce."

Owens also asserted the fact that this could be the PR stunt [romance with the NFL player], planned by her marketing team on purpose to give her business for the next few days and obviously, it will keep the singer busy.

Recently, the Red songstress has been making quiet appearances in football games for her rumoured beau with all her A-lister pals that could be termed as a smart move because if later on she does not want to pursue her "football" romance, the singer can easily pull her leg out of the drama and hide behind the fact that she was just chilling with her friends.