Thursday November 30, 2023

Victoria Beckham reveals how David Beckham's affair was 'Hardest Time of My Life'

Victoria Beckham opens on Rebecca Loos affair while David Beckham reveals loneliness in Spain

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October 04, 2023
Victoria Beckham opens up about 20-year silence on Rebecca Loos affair.
Victoria Beckham opens up about 20-year silence on Rebecca Loos affair.

Victoria Beckham has shared her pain over her husband David's affair with Rebecca Loos after 20-years, an event that took place nearly two decades ago. 

Speaking about the aftermath of the scandal, Victoria disclosed that those months were the most challenging period of her life, a time when she felt that the couple had lost their connection.

Meanwhile, David Beckham acknowledged that he still grapples with the memory of that tumultuous time in 2003. 

He expressed that he and his former Spice Girl wife were unsure how they managed to navigate through the crisis. 

Despite the challenges, both were resolute in their determination to "fight for their family." They described a feeling of being "drowning" as their high-profile marriage dominated headlines for an extended period.

David Beckham has shared a deeply personal revelation, describing how he felt "physically sick every day" as he and Victoria fought to salvage their marriage amidst the turmoil of his affair with Rebecca Loos. 

The couple's journey was on full display as they united with their four children for the premiere of Beckham's new four-part documentary, chronicling his life from childhood to his latest role as a co-owner of the US soccer club, Inter Miami.

Their appearance at the documentary premiere contrasted starkly with the challenging days they endured in Madrid. 

Friends close to the couple have indicated that they chose to speak openly about this difficult chapter in their lives to convey authenticity and a sense of having nothing left to prove.

In an interview featured in the fourth and final episode of the documentary, Victoria appeared to be holding back tears as she addressed the question of whether it was the most challenging period in their marriage.

She responded, "100 percent," revealing that it was indeed the hardest time for them. She continued, "Because it felt like the world was against us... here's the thing, we were against each other, if I'm being completely honest."

Victoria reflected on how their dynamic shifted during their time in Spain, remarking sadly that it didn't feel like they had each other's support, which was profoundly affecting.

The emotional toll of that period was not lost on her as she stated, "I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was. And how it affected me."