Saturday December 02, 2023

Jungkook, Jack Harlow latest single spark backlash over 'problematic' lyrics

Jungkook and Jack Harlow teamed up to release their song, 3D on Friday, Sept. 29

By Web Desk
September 30, 2023
Jungkook and Jack Harlow recently collaborated on a new project
Jungkook and Jack Harlow recently collaborated on a new project

Fans have shared their bittersweet reaction to Jungkook’s latest collaboration with American rapper Jack Harlow.

Their single, 3D was released on Friday, Sept. 29, alongside a music video featuring the singers.

While Jungkook’s part of the song garnered much praise as always, fans were equally repulsed by Harlow’s problematic verses.

Some of the verses that caught the critics off guard included “I’m on my Jung Kook, take a chick off one look,” “I had one girl (One girl), too boring/Two girls (Two girls), that was cool for me/Three girls, damn, dude’s horny/Four girls, okay, now you wh****,” and “All my ABGs get cute for me.”

Fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to express their dissatisfaction over the song.

“i have never physically recoiled from a bts song the way i did when i heard jack harlow’s verse,” wrote one.

“I like the song, but the other guy lines? A big no no for me. Just saying,” stated a fan of the Euphoria singer.

Meanwhile, others rallied in to explain why using ABG i.e., “Asian Baby Girl” is offensive to the Asian community.

“abgs are southeast asian gangsters and it’s origins are derogatory/classist,” explain a critic on social media, “it does not mean hot asian girl”.

“Jack using the derogatory term “ABG” in the main version is VERY problematic…,” another lamented, offering information on the term in the same tweet.

According to the photo, the term isn’t to be taken as a compliment; instead, “it was a term created to shame these individuals, mainly women, for not being able to meet societal standards based on their poverty and the choices they make to protect themselves from the dangers that come with it.”