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Joe Jonas warned over Sophie Turner split: 'The backlash is going to get worse'

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorcing after four-years of marriage

By Web Desk
September 26, 2023

Joe Jonas has received uninvited yet unwelcoming comments from someone outside the industry over his and Sophie Turner's messy divorce.

Former politician Nadine Dorries offered her full backing for Sophie in a column written for the Daily Mail.

Nadine penned: “The tide has turned. The court of public opinion has started to see that Joe himself is apparently no angel - and his own actions raise 'concerns.’”

The former I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! elucidated on Sophie’s petition for her children to remain in the UK, “I would have done the same,” Nadine wrote.

“I have news for you, Joe. The backlash is going to get worse!” the writer concluded her opinion write-up while giving Jonas a reality check that women are supporting and reaching out for Sophie and he's going to receive backlash he hasn't thought of.

The backlash comes after the Game of Thrones actor charged the 34-year-old singer with "abducting their children."

Willa and the 14-month-old infant were given back to Sophie by Joe, but he reportedly continued to withhold their passports.

After deciding to temporarily keep their children in New York, Sophie and Joe have declared a ceasefire.