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Britney Spears support sister Jamie Lynn as she joins 'Dancing With The Stars'

Britney Spears cheers on Jamie Lynn's 'Dancing With The Stars' journey

By Web Desk
September 24, 2023

Britney Spears is couting on her support to her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, as she's on a new journey in the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars

According to reports from TMZ, Britney was informed beforehand about Jamie's participation in the popular competition show and, surprisingly, she expressed genuine excitement for her sibling's new endeavor.

A source close to the situation disclosed to the publication that Britney Spears had received a heads-up about Jamie's forthcoming appearance on the show well before the official announcement. 

It appears that Britney took the news quite gracefully, even going so far as to be fully supportive of Jamie Lynn's decision and expressing her genuine enthusiasm for her sister's involvement.

The revelation follows a wave of controversy earlier this month when Jamie Lynn was officially confirmed as a contestant on the forthcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. 

The announcement stirred backlash from supporters of Britney Spears, but it's evident that within the Spears family, there is nothing but love and support as Jamie Lynn takes on this exciting new challenge.

In a video shared on both the official Dancing With The Stars and Jamie Lynn's Instagram pages, the former Zoey 101 star expressed her excitement, stating, "I'm so excited," and emphasized her eagerness to showcase her dance moves.