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Cameron Diaz 'could cry' after dumping salad for cheesy chicken nachos

Cameron Diaz seems to ditch her eating principals for ‘nachos with chicken, zucchini and corn’

By Web Desk
September 23, 2023
Cameron Diaz dumps salad for cheesy chicken nachos with Avaline
Cameron Diaz dumps salad for cheesy chicken nachos with Avaline

Cameron Diaz recently let fans in on her kitchen, with a new dish and recipe than usual.

After showing off her refrigerator stocked only with salads and wine in an culinary video months ago, Cameron Diaz recently revealed how she makes her favorite snack, rotisserie chicken nachos.

“Hi is Cameron, it’s moi! Welcome back to my kitchen,” Diaz, 51, welcomed fans in avideo shared to her Avaline Wine Instagram page.

“Today I’m gonna be making you nachos with chicken, zucchini and corn, and a cilantro cream.”

The Charlie's Angels actress explained that she will serve Avaline's white mix with the "easy and organic" one-sheet pan supper.

“It’s a very crisp, dry white that goes perfectly with any good food,” she said, adding, “The way the citrus notes work together with the cilantro cream? Delicioso!”

As Diaz prepared a batch of strong cilantro crème and sautéed green and yellow courgettes, she was fresh-faced with minimum makeup and slicked-back hair, while wearing a comfortable gray sweater and soft white trousers.

“I suggest getting a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store that’s already pre-cooked and then just taking it off the bone, kind of like in a shredded situation,” she advised.

After further completing all the steps of the recipe, The Mask star expressed her urge to devour the treat.

"Ok, I’m not waiting anymore." She grabbed a handful of loaded chips and declared, "Those girls aren't here and I'm gonna eat this," perhaps alluding to her 3-year-old daughter Raddix and her pals.

"There’s so much happening in there, it makes me weep,” the There's Something About Mary actress said after chewing in blissful stillness. "Like, I could cry"

After finishing her meal and pouring a glass of white wine, the actress announced to her audience, "I'm going to go eat all of this."