Saturday September 23, 2023

Travis Kelce sways away by hilarious Taylor Swift puns: ‘Kelce finds Blank Space’

Travis Kelce seems to enjoy commentator Rich Eisen's funny puns saying, 'well played'

By Web Desk
September 19, 2023

Travis Kelce's name has become linked to Taylor Swift, and he responded angrily to NFL Network's Rich Eisen's funny puns used to taunt the player, because of his fascination with the pop star.

After Kelce returned to the Kansas City Chiefs to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars following his injury, numerous sports fans teased the player with their best Swift puns in the video footage Rich and the NFL's Network shared on Sunday.

Rich made fun of Kelce before the game by making comparisons to Swift as he warmed up to enter the field.

“You saw it on Thursday night, when Travis Kelce wasn't in there, it left a Blank Space,” he teased.

He continued, “but I think he returns today and proves to be the 'Anti-Hero.' Never goes out of ‘Style.’”

After a while, Patrick Mahomes, the Ian Eagle announcer, joked, “Kelce finds a 'Blank Space' for the score!” as Kelce grabbed his first touchdown of the season.

The commentator also mentioned that August was done and made light of Kelce's 'Delicate' one-week injury, which included a damaged bone.

“Look what you made me do, @killatrav,” the NFL pundit captioned the video he posted on the network's official Instagram.

On Monday, Kelce commented on Rich Eisen's medley on Instagram because he couldn't help but enjoy their puns, saying “Well played Rich.... Well played” next to the video.