Saturday September 23, 2023

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez shut down Jennifer Garner affair rumors with bold move

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez showed 'Bennifer brand' is still intact amid cheating rumors

By Web Desk
September 19, 2023
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck stepped out in Los Angeles to make a statement
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck stepped out in Los Angeles to make a statement 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are smoothly sailing through their relationship amid a minor bump.

The loved-up couple was spotted out and about on a shopping spree in Los Angeles shortly after the Batman actor was allegedly seen getting intimate with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner earlier this week.

Speaking to the Mirror US, body language expert Inbaal Honigman affirmed the pair sent “several obvious signals that their relationship is stronger than ever” with their latest outing.

Lopez and Affleck decked out in matching outfits, comprising wide-leg jeans, white trainers and pale tops, setting relationship standards to another level.

"Ben has his arm over his lady's shoulders, keeping her close to him, which is a sign of intimacy. They are clearly comfortable with each other's physical presence. As they chat, they look at each other's faces, which is also a sign of closeness. This is a couple that is used to sharing each other's space many hours of the day, and it's natural for them to be in an embrace."

Honigman went on to point out “more subtle signs to show that their relationship is not under stress whatsoever,” including the way they co-ordinated their walk.

“There are no egos in their relationship, no winners or losers, they are together and they feel strong. They take each step in absolute unison, and when we see a couple walking as one, we know that they are one,” explained the expert.

"Had there been any disagreements between them, they'd be tense, and this would be obvious. They may show tense shoulders or perhaps tense wrists. No tension in their bodies means that there is no tension in the Bennifer brand," Inbaal added to the outlet.