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Kevin Costner’s 'basically begging' to be back in 'Yellowstone'

Kevin Costner exit decision from Yellowstone was made because of additional ‘demands’

By Web Desk
September 19, 2023
Kevin Costner’s basically begging to be back in Yellowstone
Kevin Costner’s 'basically begging' to be back in 'Yellowstone'

Kevin Costner reportedly wanted to keenly return to Yellowstone.

According to a recent story from Puck News, the 68-year-old actor's agents were "basically begging" the show's creator Taylor Sheridan and Paramount to let him return for the remainder of the fifth season and beyond.

Although the creator had already written the majority of season 5's second half with the assumption that Costner wouldn't be returning, the story claims that Costner's agent was able to set up a phone call for the actor and Sheridan.

Sheridan allegedly agreed to rewrite the episodes in order to bring Costner back but was less accommodating to the actor's other demands, including more compensation, a shorter filming time, and the authority to review, approve, and veto all scripts.

According to the source, Sheridan refused the final request, and shortly after that, Costner's departure from Yellowstone was confirmed.

According to the source, Costner has a "moral death" clause in his contract that specifies how his character, John Dutton, can and cannot be killed off in Yellowstone.

The article claims that they fear Sheridan's plot may be in violation of that agreement, even though the publication claims that Costner hasn't read the scripts with his character's exit.