Saturday September 23, 2023

Britney Spears calls it quits with Paul Richard Soliz amid background speculation

Britney Spears ends rumored fling with Paul Richard Soliz following discovery of criminal past

By Web Desk
September 15, 2023

Britney Spears' appeared to be moving forward with her rumored new romantic interest, Paul Richard Soliz. 

Reports indicated that Spears engaged in a "short fling" with the convicted criminal, but it appears that the singer has since put an end to their involvement after learning about Soliz's criminal history.

The songstress was initially rumored to be in a relationship with Paul, a 37-year-old former housekeeper at her Thousand Oaks residence. 

However, an exclusive source close to Britney has confirmed to DailyMail that she is no longer involved with him romantically.

"They had a short fling after Sam left, but that was it," the source disclosed. "Britney hooked up with him twice, and, at the time, she did not know about his criminal past. She no longer has any communication with him."

Their brief connection came to light when they were first spotted "getting close" last month in the immediate aftermath of Britney's marriage dissolution. 

The two have a history that extends back approximately one year when Paul was employed to handle various housekeeping and maintenance tasks in and around Britney's residence, as per reports from US Weekly

His responsibilities included repairing household fixtures such as doorknobs and addressing plumbing issues.

While it has been disclosed that Paul was terminated from his position working for Spears, insiders have revealed that the singer has continued to spend time with him openly, not making any attempt to conceal their newfound friendship.