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Prince and Princess of Wales navigate Royal duties and parenthood

Prince and Princess of Wales find harmony between family and Royal duties

By Web Desk
September 09, 2023

Prince and Princess of Wales have taken on increased royal duties.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine are striking the right balance between their public roles and their private family life is a daily endeavor.

Royal author Sally Bedell Smith offered insights into their efforts, stating, "They are maintaining a good balance between carrying out their duties and raising their children as privately as possible." 

An insider close to the royal couple revealed, "It is something they think about every day. The prince was incredibly close to his grandmother. 

She was such a big part of his life and a real supporter of his work, and I'm sure he and the princess miss her presence dearly." The Queen played a significant role in Prince William's life, making her absence a poignant aspect of their ongoing journey.

The couple, who share three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis— committed to support the monarchy while maintaining a sense of normalcy for their young family.

According to a source, Charles has been at the forefront, setting an example, and involving the couple in important decision-making processes. 

In the year since the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the royal family has had to adapt to a significant absence. Another source shared, "There is an enormous loss, as the Queen played a very important part in all of their lives. 

But I'm impressed at how smoothly things are moving forward given all the little hiccups that there are in the background."