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Asad Qaiser 'stands' with PTI chief

"I am with Tehreek-e-Insaf and in touch with chairman PTI," party leader says

By Haider Sherazi
June 05, 2023
Senior PTI leader Asad Qaiser arrives at an Islamabad court, in this still taken from a video. — YouTube/GeoNewsLive
Senior PTI leader Asad Qaiser arrives at an Islamabad court, in this still taken from a video. — YouTube/GeoNewsLive

ISLAMABAD: Senior Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Asad Qaiser said Monday that he is in contact with party chairman Imran Khan and has no plans of deserting PTI.

The former National Assembly speaker made these remarks upon his arrival at an Islamabad court to attend a hearing of a case related to vandalism outside the judicial complex in the federal capital.

Qaiser’s status was unclear with confusion around whether he has quit the party or not after former PTI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa president Pervez Khattak announced quitting party positions in a joint presser during which the former speaker was also seated but remained silent. Khattak cited May 9 mayhem as the reason behind his decision.

A number of PTI leaders have quit the party, condemning the violence that took place that day during which government and military installations were also attacked by the enraged supporters.

Addressing the press conference in Islamabad, the former defence minister said it was difficult for him to continue serving as the party’s KP chapter president amid the prevailing political crisis.

Khattak had said he would announce the future course of action after consulting his friends and party colleagues.

When asked about his current status today, Asad Qaiser said: “I am with Tehreek-e-Insaf and in touch with chairman PTI.”

Another journalist questioned him asking whether Jahangir Tareen — who is currently forming a new political party mostly comprising PTI defectors — contacted him or not, the PTI leader responded, saying, “no contact with Jahangir Tareen.”

Qasier insisted that he is with PTI when pressed about Fawad Chauhdry's claim. The former information minister and party spokesperson had claimed that he had contacted Qaiser and other party leaders.

Asad Umar is in ‘contact with Fawad Chaudhry'

Meanwhile, Asad Umar, the former secretary general of PTI, told the media that Tareen has not reached out to him. However, Fawad maintains regular contact.

Umar's statement came during an informal exchange with journalists, as he departed from a court in Islamabad, where he had arrived to seek interim bail in a case pertaining to the riots at the judicial complex in the federal capital in March.

The politician has been granted bail in the corresponding case, months after being booked at the Tarnol Police Station in the federal capital.

When asked if he would join Tareen’s party, he said: “What association do I have with Jahangir Tareen?”

He was then queried if the senior politician had contacted him, to which he replied in the negative. “Jahangir Tareen has not made any contact yet.”

The PTI leader said while he had been out of jail for the last seven to eight days, he has been visiting the courts. He informed journalists that only the party’s former senior vice president has contacted him.

“Fawad Chaudhry remains in touch with me from time to time,” he said. Meanwhile, on Friday, he had denied being part of Fawad's venture.

A journalist then questioned Umar about former party member Faisal Vawda’s agenda. “Ask this question from Faisal Vawda,” he replied.