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'The Mandalorian' will fly to S4, executive producer confirms

Disney has yet to confirm 'The Mandalorian' season 4

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June 03, 2023
The Mandalorian will fly to S4, executive producer confirms
'The Mandalorian' will fly to S4, executive producer confirms

The Mandalorian executive producer Rick Famuyiwa has said season 4 will be a reality soon, despite Disney+ not confirming the season yet.

Speaking to Deadline, the producer said to pinpoint the bounty hunter next season in the streamer's busy timeline is difficult due to a mixture of several Star Wars shows on the cards.

But, the producer confirmed the series is definitely coming.

"I think because of the way we shoot and how the stagecraft plays into it, a lot of this stuff has to be thought through, built, and conceived in prep, and you don't necessarily have the luxury to start shooting and say, 'okay, we'll figure this out later'," Famuyiwa added.

"I know that [co-creator Jon Favreau] has written the scripts. I know he's excited about continuing to tell stories in this world, and so when and how that happens, considering everything, we'll see," he said.

"I felt like this season was a nice culmination, but I'm excited about Season 4. It's certainly coming, I just don't know exactly when."