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FX's 'Dave' enlists Brad Pitt for season finale

The details of Pitt's appearance were kept secret for months

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June 01, 2023
FXs Dave enlists Brad Pitt for season finale
FX's 'Dave' enlists Brad Pitt for season finale

Season 3 finale of FX comedy Dave features a guest appearance by Hollywood hotshot Brad Pitt. 

Pitt portrayed a version of himself in a role that is more than just a cameo. In fact, FX has submitted him for consideration in the guest actor category at the Emmy Awards.

The details of Pitt's appearance were kept secret for months, and it began with a personal letter from the show's creator and star, Dave Burd, to Pitt, he revealed to Rolling Stone.

Showrunner Jeff Schaffer initially thought it was a far-fetched idea, but Burd believed in it. It was rumored that Pitt was a fan of the show, which has a semi-autobiographical storyline based on Burd's life.

“None of us thought it was going to work, except Dave,” he said.

The episode, co-written by Burd and Vanessa McGee, placed Pitt and Burd in a high-stakes environment, showcasing Pitt's skills as both a dramatic and comedic actor.

While Pitt has been involved in TV series behind the scenes, this was his first guest appearance in a scripted comedy since his 2001 episode of "Friends." Pitt's commitment to the role and the experience was evident.

Pitt joins a long list of renowned names who have previously made guest appearances on Dave, most of them in brief cameos.

While securing celebrity guest stars for the show wasn't always easy, but as the show gained popularity and recognition, bookings became easier, and the comedy community saw it as a desirable opportunity.

“I don’t think the show is about celebrities, but they are a part of entering the zeitgeist and climbing the ranks of the entertainment industry,” said Burd.

“That’s, like, the DNA of the show, and so I’ll just say that the people who came to play at the end of this season are the holy grail of iconicism. It’s like, where do you go from here?”

In season three, notable guest stars included Rachel McAdams in a significant role (also submitted for Emmy consideration), as well as Usher, Don Cheadle, Demi Lovato, Jack Harlow, Killer Mike, and Rick Ross, among others. Previous seasons featured appearances of varying lengths by Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Kendall Jenner, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Charlamagne Tha God, and Macklemore.