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King Charles to dodge meeting with son Prince Harry as he leaves for solo trip

Prince Harry will visit to London next week as King Charles plans to go hiking on his own in Transylvania

By Web Desk
June 01, 2023

Prince Harry would not be able to see his father King Charles again, despite news reports suggesting signs of their relationship thawing.

The Duke of Sussex is set to be back in London next week to give evidence in his trial at the High Court. However, The Telegraph reported that the monarch will miss the Duke of Sussex’s visit to London next week as he plans to go hiking on his own in Transylvania.

While King Charles’ solo trip to Romania, planned for five days over next week, there will not be an opportunity for the father and son to reunite and reconnect amid their strained ties.

In his previous trip to the UK for court hearings, a month prior to the Coronation ceremony, Prince Harry could not meet with his father, as he left for his first royal trip as King. Harry also couldn’t meet his brother William as the Wales family had left for their Easter holidays.

At the time, Harry had made a surprise trip to give his witness statement in the phone hacking lawsuit against the Daily Mail.

This time around, it’s unclear where Harry will be staying when he heads back to his home country, following reports the King issued an eviction notice to he and wife Meghan Markle from their British base, Frogmore Cottage, in Windsor.

While the father and son’s relationship hit its lowest point ever in recent months, he appeared for the historic Coronation ceremony three weeks ago. Although, the Duke only spent around 27 hours in his home country, without meeting any family members.