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Lily-Rose Depp dismisses rumours her 'The Idol' character is based on Britney Spears

Lily-Rose Depp talks of rumours her character in 'The Idol' is based on Britney Spears

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May 31, 2023
Lily-Rose Depp dismisses rumours her The Idol character is based on Britney Spears
Lily-Rose Depp dismisses rumours her 'The Idol' character is based on Britney Spears

Lily-Rose Depp revealed her character in The Idol is not based on Britney Spears' life despite speculations.

The actor-model spoke to Extra about the comparisons being drawn between her role in the explicit drama and the Oops!…I Did It Again singer.

“No, it's not based on anyone in particular… We’re definitely not trying to tell anyone else's story, but definitely create one of our own,” Johnny Depp’s daughter said.

“This is a fictional character and fictional story,” the Yoga Hosers star added, before dishing on the real inspirations behind the role.

Lily-Rose said, “There were a lot of different people that I was inspired by for this role. Some that were pop stars, some that were not.'

“I wanted Jocelyn to feel simultaneously like a modern-day pop queen of today but also like somebody that kind of existed in her own world and in her own kind of time so I drew a lot of inspiration from actresses like… Gene Tierney and Sharon Stone and women like that that I find really inspiring,” she added.

She went on to bash the people criticizing the drama for being “too graphic” as she emphasized on the fact that such scenes in the show have added her character's “rawness."

“I think the daringness of all of the scenes was something that added to the character's rawness,” Lily-Rose said. “Also to my desire to go there and explore the character to the best I could.”

Spilling on what her upcoming shows reflects about the industry, she noted, “The way that we idolize people in the public eye today. And the way that we almost convince ourselves that we know them…”

“We build them up to these god-like statuses and then we kind of relish in taking them down. I think there is a big conversation around that in the show.”