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Gwyneth Paltrow ski case juror explains celeb win

Gwyneth Paltrow was acquitted in the ski collision case

By Web Desk
April 01, 2023
Gwyneth Paltrow ski case juror explains celeb win
Gwyneth Paltrow ski case juror explains celeb win

One of Gwyneth Paltrow's ski collision case jurors revealed the reasons behind her quick acquittal.

During an interview with ABC News, Samantha Imrie — a nurse who served as Juror #11 in the trial, said that The Iron Man star testimony was compelling and she did not give any dishonesty signs.

“There was in the back of my mind that this woman is an actress… I did take that into account,” Imrie added.

“But I didn’t feel that she had a reason to lie under oath. She’s always in the spotlight so she always has to be honest.”

The juror explained that Grammy winner expert witness Dr. Irving Scher's testimony was also crucially convinced of her acquittal.

“He’s a snow sports expert in many different ways,” she continued. “I think the fact that Dr. Scher could speak to the settings and he specifically studied snow science, that he had a stronger opinion.”

On the other hand, Imrie added that the accuser's lavish lifestyle made his case weak about Paltrow’s ruined him financially.

“I think I wrote down something like, ‘I need to make more money so I can travel this way,’” she added.

“I wouldn’t have thought he was capable of those things based on the picture that he was painting.”

However, Imrie ruled out any of Paltrow’s stardom influence on the jury’s decision.

“I think it’s important that the public doesn’t just think this was a win because Gwyneth is a celebrity,” adding, “This is based on the evidence and this is based on the law. I do work in medicine and you have to look at everyone the same. That should apply in the courtroom as well.”