Wednesday June 07, 2023

Prince Harry would become 'red mist' to save Prince William during battles

Prince Harry talks about protecting Prince William from attacks

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March 31, 2023
Prince Harry would become red mist to save Prince William during battles

Prince Harry would bring out his protective side if Prince William would face an attack during their battles.

While staying in Africa, both of the brothers were joined by a group in which they often staged battles.

Recalling one such incident, Harry shares how he protected William from his enemies.

He pens: “Battle lines were often blood lines, though not always. It wasn’t always Windsor versus Others. We’d mix and match. Sometimes I was fighting alongside Willy, sometimes against. No matter the alliances, though, it often happened that one or two of Hugh and Emilie’s boys would turn and set upon Willy.”

Harry adds: “I’d hear him crying out for help and down would come the red mist, like a blood vessel bursting behind my eyes. I’d lose all control, all ability to focus on anything but family, country, tribe, and hurl myself at someone, everyone. Kicking, punching, strangling, taking out legs.”